The Revival of Art Deco

The Revival of Art Deco

Simplified forms, daring colours, marked geometry: the bases of Art Deco are set! Directly coming from the ’20s, this artistic style, named after the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925, treats itself a second youth. A creative explosion made of brass, opaline and velvet. Fine materials which require high-quality work. Free from the monochrome dogmas of these last few years, artists get inspiration from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Jean Dunand and dare to let loose. Crafts give prominence to luxurious elements and ancestral savoir-faire: workshops such as Garnier and Linker and Maison Charles don’t hesitate to bring it up to date. Alabaster, woork and bronze get back its former glory, from the time of Pierre Chareau, whose most beautiful works are exhibited are the Gallery MCDE of Pierre-Emmanuel Risch. Same story for mother-of-pearl and lacquer, enhanced by the richness of gildings. Art Deco is first of all about having fun and forgetting what’s common while rediscovering what’s essential. Daybeds, folding screens and console tables are back. An extravagant refinement we love and which reminds us of the influence of the Italian duo Dimore. Just like them, we dare to put an ounce of the roaring twenties in our homes: a strong style for materials and profusion of patterns. A nuance Art Deco cares about and that we could rediscover until 2017, April 2nd at the Modern Art Museum in Paris upon the exhibition AD Collection.

sculptures végétales dorées art déco salon delphine crech'riou
Salon Canapé Vert Sculpture Curtis Jere Art Déco Aroussia Chamak et Henrik Jessen
Sculpture oiseaux doré Art Déco Appartement Paris Anne-Sophie Pailleret
Lampe religieuse Galerie MCDE Emmanuel Risch
Salon Guillaume Garnier Appartement Paris Créateur Studio Garnier et Linker
Sculpture animal doré Art Déco Appartement Paris David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard
Applique lampe Art Déco Appartement Paris David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard
Salon Art Déco Table Tréteaux et marbre Bibliothèque Appartement Paris David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard
Console Art Déco Dorée Appartement Paris Guillaume Garnier Création Garnier et Linker
Fleurs Jansen Dorées Art Déco Adresse Pigalle Maison Lautrec
The Revival of Art Deco

 Photographies : Constance Gennari – Textes :  Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

En inspiration...

Bougeoirs Marine Breynaert Salon Table Salle à manger Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard

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