Gold Sets the Tone

Gold Sets the Tone

Golden beaches, gold-tinted sunsets, this time of year shines brighter than any other. It has always been regarded as the colour the radiates opulence and optimism. It lends itself naturally to Christmas-time. But the difficulty lies is how to bring gold into an interior in the Summer-time. It requires a little more reflection. There’s a danger of going all out, and so to avoid an overwhelming effect one of our pieces of advice would be polished brass. It has a wonderful way of reflecting its surrounding colours, indoors and out. The perfect backdrop for an early evening apéro with friends or a dinner party on the terrace. Mathias Kiss in Maison Lautrec demonstrates how glamourous a harmonious band of gold tiles can look. If you’re after a more subtle look, touches of gold bring an instant dose of elegance. Odin et Archibald have mastered the art of gold accents. An ashtray for example, or a beautiful golden candlestick, or even a glittering ceiling light. Maison Jansen and Maison Charles have been creating haute couture ceiling lights in this metallic hue for years. Art Director Emmanuel Bossuet proves that it also happens to work equally well in matte. Her golden Dandelion wallpaper can set the tone in any home channelling Baroque sophistication. With our fine selection of pieces and materials, we’ll leave you to select the perfect golden touch for your interior this summer. 

Gold Sets the Tone
Cendrier No Smoking India Mahdavi Doré Table Basse Appartement Paris Alexandra Senes
Cerfs Dorés Décoration Bibelot Emmanuel Bossuet
Salon Aroussia Chamakh Henrik Jessen Table Dimore Studio Suspension Bolle Laiton Brossé
Bougies Collection 34 Diptyque
Gold Sets the Tone
Gold Sets the Tone
Livre Luminaires Lampes Maison Française Maison Charles Emmanuel Bossuet Marie Laure Bellanger
Luminaire Salon Bleu Appartement Créateur Galerie Stimmung Augustin David
Bougeoir Doré Tom Dixon Table Basse Laurent Chwast
Banquette Dorures Carreaux Mathias Kiss Adresse Pigalle Maison Lautrec

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