La Scopa is over ! An immersive experience curated by The Socialite Family in collaboration with Varenne during Maison&Objet in the city.


La Scopa by The Socialite Family

In a private townhouse nestled in the heart of Paris, never before open to the public and now closed after this vibrant interlude, Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director of The Socialite Family, provided visitors with a fleeting immersion centered around the theme of gaming in its various forms. The name “Scopa” is borrowed from the centuries-old Italian card game. Naturally, The Socialite Family played with the rules, unfolding ever-changing atmospheres to showcase its

. All cards on the table!


Elsa Cau

Photos and videos

Clément Vayssières

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The venue

In this former family mansion graciously lent to the affair by Varenne, Constance Gennari decided to immerse herself for a few days, where the walls still whisper. Trompe-l’oeil and tapestries adorn the space. The spectacular entrance welcomed visitors in grand style, with stripes and gilding adorning the setting that showcased the latest creations of The Socialite Family – set to be unveiled in earnest on February 6th. On either side of the grand entrance hall, a few openings also received a special scenography. Pieces from the Puces de Saint-Ouen mingled with those of The Socialite Family, surrounded by paintings from contemporary artists loaned by The Curators.

The grand staircase, adorned with a mural by artist Franck Lebraly, led to other mysteries, including a neo-Moorish cabinet with the ambiance of a hidden smoking room. The series of rooms with natural wood paneling carved with shells, the latticed library, the beautiful terrace with magnolia, and higher up, the seventies-style bathroom, all welcomed us like a secret, or rather like a secret celebration: to the beats of Italo-disco, The Socialite Family and Varenne hosted rhythmically during these few days, with the assistance of their partners: Sonos, without whom the dance would have been impossible; Staff Meal, who orchestrated the inaugural dinner of La Scopa, from table art to chef Justine Pruvot, handling every detail of coordination or elegance; finally, Crumble Production, which signed a whimsical script of family heritage through its troupe of immersive actors who brought the space to life each day.

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In this perpetually vibrant place, one didn't know which way to turn. Truth or dare, one had to be enveloped by a unique and intimate atmosphere.

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