At The Socialite Family, signature is at the heart of all our creations. It's the Franco-Italian soulful touch we're so proud of and that we celebrate here.



Gioia, Rotondo, Panchina. With each name, its signature. With each signature, its manner. Carlotta, Cavallo, Duetto. Their names themselves have become full-fledged signatures.

Literally, the act of signing commits. At The Socialite Family, the question of the signature is everywhere readable between the lines. It is above all that of Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director of the brand. A signature that draws its inspiration from the memories of her Franco-Italian childhood, from the exciting and avant-garde forms of the Trente Glorieuses, a true golden age of creation, from the wild ideas of fashion history, and from the beautiful timeless pieces of couture.

Gioia, our first table lamp, sounds like the manifesto of this signature. Gioia the joyful, the sculptural lamp, designed like a jewel. Its base with soft and rounded shapes adapts to any interior, to any desire. Its soul in lacquered wood or Oromo finish, and its lampshade in delicately pleated cotton or rattan, also speak of another pillar of The Socialite Family, again a signature: craftsmanship, essential to the development of our pieces. Nothing is left to chance in the choice of materials and the manufacture of these objects designed to last over time. For each material, for each piece, Constance Gennari and the creative studio travel. They seek the best artisan, the best method according to local expertise, in France, Italy, or Portugal. Because our flagship creations, icons of the house, are above all testimonials of transmission and therefore, humanity.

Inseparable from our brand, these signature pieces punctuate its history. With their timeless lines, their noble and diverse materials, their colors alternately joyful, soft, and elegant, they embody a Franco-Italian identity dear to Constance Gennari. Combined with the artisanal know-how that gives them birth, with this infinite concern for beautiful detail, with this committed desire for well-done work, these characteristics allow them to embody the signature of an era that sees the rebirth of some of these values. But also to resist trends. To be passed from hand to hand, according to desires and why not, generations. Our signature pieces also attest to a passage. That of time, or rather of timeless beauty, that which withstands time. The time of a signature.

Our thanks for the location of these shots go to Maison Junot, a reference in exceptional real estate in Paris.

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