10 Dining Room Tables

10 Dining Room Tables

After the kitchen, let’s attack the dining room. We always come back to it! For a one-to-one or with friends, we decorate it with care and look for the table that will bring together and unite those that sit around it. Enhanced by the seating and suitably well-lit ambiance, you’ll enjoy long evenings where you won’t notice the time passing. A dining room table should be stylish. And…it has to suit us. It has to hit the spot and be even more personal than the rest of the apartment. And it’s not always easy to find the right one, the one that matches the rest of the apartment perfectly. The one that stands out from the floor, the colours of the walls and the style of the living room furniture. A dining room table should be a piece whose curves we like to admire. As in love, it therefore takes some time to find the one that suits us best. So, a table in wood, in marble, in terrazzo or in laminate? It’s all good! You can give yourself free rein with the materials and, above all, not hesitate to bend the rules by choosing a meeting table for your dining room, for example. Here at The Socialite Family, our preference is for big, wide, round tables. Those that bring people together and offer more generosity and closeness at mealtimes. For these dining room tables, go for an original top, made to measure by your favourite artisan. When teamed with a metal base, as in David Chaplain and Alexandre Roussard‘s home, it’ll provide an instant stunningly seventies effect. Generally speaking, the idea is to forget the serious side of a dining room table.

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Selency Scandinavian Teak Table 750,00€

High quality dining table in Scandinavian design, teak Dining table made of very high quality from the 60s. Typical Scandinavian design with a slightly organic shape. In teak plated with solid wood border. The table is extendable up to 2.54m. The surface and the main plate have been professionally restored.

  • Width 148-254cm, depth 90cm, height 74cm
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Salle à manger Table piétement métal Plateau marbre David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard
Cuisine David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard
10 tables for dining room (2)
La Redoute Desk by studio pool Bensimon 339,41€

Walnut veneer table top. 3 boxes and a flat black lacquered drawer.
Table legs in black lacquered metal.

L. 150 x H. 76 x D. 70 cm

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Salle à manger Table en bois Céline Faraud
Salle à manger Céline Faraud
10 tables for dining room (3)
Design & Fils Corian bi-color table Sur demande

Corian bi-color table.

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Salle à manger Emmanuel de Bayser The Corner Berlin
Salon Lampadaire Serge Mouille Emmanuel de Bayser The Corner Berlin
Table Bordeaux Salle à Manger Aroussia Chamak et Henrik Jessen
DIMOREGALLERY Tavolo 032 Table Sur demande

Circular or elliptical table with structure in matte black painted metal with oxidised brass detailing.
Top with edge in oxidised brass proposed in back-painted glass or clear glass with fabric layer and in lacquered glossy wood.
Marble top with tapered edge without brass edging.

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Salle à manger Table repas Suspension graphique Fleurs Vases Appartement Barbara Ghidoni Architecte Milan
10 Dining Room Tables
Salon Salle à Manger Table Tulip Saarinen Chaises Pierre Chapo Bois Moquette Alexandre Jolivet et Ulrikk Dufossé
Knoll Black and Marble Saarinen Table 3 446,00€

Saarinen metal or marble table by Knoll de Eero Saarinen. Dimensions H 73 × Dia 120 cm.

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Photography: Constance Gennari – Translation: TextMaster @thesocialitefamily
Extract from The Socialite Family’s book Le Guide Déco

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