The Reading Corner, an Inner Refuge

The Reading Corner, an Inner Refuge

Our times are all about noise, excess and perpetual resquests. Our eye has never analysed so many pictures and our brain so much data. One remedy to this agitation: silence. Well, according the the Observatoire de la Maison (meaning “the House Observatory”), who chose it for Maison&Objet last edition’s theme. To the question “can objects contribute to a sort of inner peace?”, The Socialite Family answers “yes”. And here is the reason. The layout of our homes has never been more in fashion. This is something we see every week. The house has become a refuge. A luxury, far from the daily hustle and bustle. Organising a space for oneself seems obvious in order to cut the artifices of life short, and a reading corner is actually the perfect choice. Being surrounded by books, is it daring in this overconnected world? Augustin Trapenard would say the contrary. He himself lives surrounded by thousands of books he usually offers to his guests. The secret is to optimise, and to make a “purification exercise”, as Elizabeth Leriche would say. In order to get surrounded only by what’s necessary, and let their healing powers to books. The powers of silent media, which perfectly suits our desires. Every reading corner will look like its owner. Does comfort reassure you? Choose an enveloping seat such as Aurélie Coene or an accumulation of mattresses such as Stéphanie Lizée. Do you like being alone? Keep a private space for you such as Laia Aguilar, between plants and paintings. If colour stimulates your peacefulness, don’t hesitate to paint your wall or your bookcase, and the result will be even more surprising. Have fun and don’t skimp on beautiful objects. You’ll  time to admire these handmade objects. It can be a made to measure bookcase, beautiful ceramics or a flecked fabric tea service. Beauty soothes the soul and calms the mind. When you associate it to reading and time for yourself, it can become live-saving. Please not disturb!

Salon Déco Bibliothèque Livre Appartement Paris Thierry Marie Sophie Arnaudin
Coin lecture Bibliothèque Futons Accumulation Coussins Gabriella Toscan du Plantier
Coin lecture Chambre enfant Bibliothèques Livres Rangements Affiches Jouets en bois Appartement Stéphanie Lizée
Coin Lecture Livres Bibliothèque Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar

Organising a space for oneself seems obvious in order to cut the artifices of life short, and a reading corner is actually the perfect choice.

Bureau Livres Bibliothèque Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
The Reading Corner, an Inner Refuge
Salon Coin Livres Bibliothèque Canapé Fauteuil Art Créatrice Maison Père Camille Omerin
Tabouret Warren Platner Salon Appartement Bibliothèque Livres Paris Julia Rouzaud
Salon Bibliothèque Livres Guitare Claire Castillon Écrivaine

 Photography : Constance Gennari – Text:  Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

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