Sabrina Ficarra<br/> and Cyril Laborde, <br/> Vadim 7, Aurèle 5
Famille - Paris

The retro universe of the founders of Red Edition.



Sabrina Ficarra
and Cyril Laborde,
Vadim 7, Aurèle 5

They have captured the spirit of the times by creating a line of bold and stylish furniture. The creators of the brand Red Edition opened the doors of their Parisian apartment to me. These epicureans never stop and had just returned from the Milan Furniture Fair full of new inspirations. Natural wood, natural materials and free forms, they have managed to seduce us with their retro-like furniture. Welcome to the world of vintage enthusiasts.

salon sabrina ficarra et cyril laborde créateur red edition mur blanc bol bois
salle à manger fiacre et cyril laborde red éditions chaises rouges
salon famille sabrina et cyril laborde table basse fauteuil marron Sabrina Ficarra<br/> and Cyril Laborde, <br/> Vadim 7, Aurèle 5
salon famille cyril ficarra et cyril laborde peinture rouge
salon famille sabrina et cyril laborde meuble bois

Cyril, Sabrina, what room do you spend most of your time in at home?

Sabrina Ficarra

I love spending time in the living room, I feel good, whether it’s at my desk or on the couch… it is also in this room that I welcome my friends, it’s very convivial.

Cyril Laborde

In the living room, I take over the couch!


What are you missing at your place?

Sabrina Ficarra

Shelves with objects, spot lights and small lamps.

Where do you go when you want a piece of furniture?

Sabrina Ficarra

Frankly, to Red Edition or to second hand stores or flea-markets.

Cyril Laborde

To the flea market, the Paul Bert market.

What is your current favourite?

Sabrina Ficarra

The Pierre Favresse lamp made by Petite Friture.

Cyril Laborde

A brass candlestick edited by the famous Swedish house Skultuna designed by Folkform.

Your fetish designer?

Sabrina Ficarra

Poul Kjaerholm for the 1950’s, while today there are more designers such as India Madhavi and Dimore Studio that inspire me more than one designer in particular. But right now I really like the work of Samuel Accoceberry, Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova, for example.

Cyril Laborde

The duo from Dimore Studio.

chambre famille sabrina ficarra et cyril laborde lit couette
chambre d'enfant famille sabrina ficarra et cyril laborde lit bureau
chambre enfant sabrina ficarra et cyril laborde bureau bois vintage
Salon famille Ficarra et Cyril Laborde meuble de rangement
Sabrina Ficarra<br/> and Cyril Laborde, <br/> Vadim 7, Aurèle 5

The art period that pleases you the most?

Sabrina Ficarra

The 1930’s to the 1950’s, from Art Deco to the 50s, whether it’s in fashion (with the Roaring Twenties, elegance, parties, decadence and the femininity of the style), design or in architecture (the use of materials, lines and volumes, and proportions like the villas in the western USA, the buildings of Latin America: Mexico, Brazil…).

Cyril Laborde


What work do you dream of having one day?


Sabrina Ficarra

I dream of Constance Guisset’s suspension den lamp from Petite Friture and a carpet by Chevalier Edition.

Cyril Laborde

An original drawing by Hergé of Dupond & Dupont.

What is your next vacation destination as a family?


Sabrina Ficarra

I would love a little romantic weekend in Puglia or a trip to Burma.

Cyril Laborde

Greece forever.

The most recent restaurant you would recommend in Paris or elsewhere?

Sabrina Ficarra

In Paris, in our neighbourhood: Le Richer, 2 rue Richer in the 9th is our canteen. We love the location, the staff, the decor and especially what is on the plate! I am a real Foodista and I love signature cooking. We are also fans of Playtime, rue des Petits Hôtels in the 10th. This restaurant is in the image of the decor of Jacques Tati films and of Red Edition. Very 50s with punchy colours and pop, we love it!
Credits Photos : Constance Gennari

chambre famille sabrina ficarra et cyril laborde table de chevet chaussons
Sabrina Ficarra<br/> and Cyril Laborde, <br/> Vadim 7, Aurèle 5

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