Lara Melchior and Vassili Verrecchia
Family - Paris

The spirit of the Rive Gauche.



Lara Melchior and Vassili Verrecchia

She embodies the spirit of the Rive Gauche par excellence. Discrete, without embellishements or tricks, Lara Melchior has innate elegance. She is a jewellery designer and creates collections bearing her name. Lara lives and works in her Parisian apartment tucked away on the top floor of an old building away from the hubub of the Bon Marché department store. Born in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, she is one of the women everyone envies. She has that “Je ne sais quoi” typical of Parisian women. With hedonism in her genes, her simplicity and elegance are reflected in her sublime creations. Nothing would make her change her life in the neighbourhood where she lives with her husband, the talented and discrete Vassili Verrecchia.

Salle à Manger Appartement Lara Melchior
Salon Appartement Lara Melchior
Goûter Lara Melchior
Livres Table Appartement Lara Melchior
Crâne Vache Déco Appartement Lara Melchior

Lara, what do you do in life?


I’m a jewellery designer. When I was very young I developed a love of drawing, art history and then photography. Jewellery was by chance, a lot later. I started with costume jewellery, before learning how to work gold and transform materials. I was looking for more manual work, welding, polishing, working objects like a sculpture. I make each piece by hand.

How long have you lived in this apartment?


For eight years.

What do you love in your neighbourhood?


I was born in Paris, in the Saint-Germain-des-Près area. This neighbourhood has always been my base. It’s my point of reference.

What sort of education did you have in interior design?


My mother loved moving furniture around. I was surprised every time I came home and saw the apartment had been transformed! I have a stronger link with volumes and spaces than with pure décor.

What are your favourite works, objects or furniture at home?


My photo by Sarah Moon called “Le Guépard”, my painting by Farhad Ostovani, my peacock, the paintings by my grandfather… There are too many! I love everything with a story behind it.

Tableau Déco Appartement Lara Melchior
Mariage Photos Appartement Lara Melchior
Lit Fleur Déco Appartement Lara Melchior
Chambre Déco Appartement Lara Melchior
Boîtes Hermès Déco Appartement Lara Melchior
Atelier Cabinet de Curiosités Lara Melchior
Bijoux Boucle d'Oreille Lara Melchior
Bijoux Or Lara Melchior

What is the piece of your wildest dreams?


A desk and some armchairs by Pierre Jeanneret for Chandigarh. One of Matisse’s “Blue Nudes”, a mobile by Calder and a ceramic by Picasso.

Where do you feel the best?


I feel good everywhere, everywhere is open. I love apartments where it’s easy and simple to move around.

What is missing from your apartment?


A larger apartment! But we’ll soon fix that! A really large dining table for our friends and families, and a garden…

Where do you get your inspiration for your work? Do you have a favourite artist?


My artistic tastes have helped me create jewellery inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt’s “Cycle d’Or”, by Henri Matisse, who said “There are always flowers for those who want to see them”, by Alexander Calder and Brancusi’s precise compositions and modernity, and by the sculptures ofCy Twombly. Everything is inspiring, and everything is linked; travel, fashion, architecture, everything!

What tasteless mistake should be avoided?


It’s so subjective. “Museum style” apartments aren’t really for me. I love it when a space “lives”.

Which piece are you most proud of?


Probably the shells and corals I’ve brought home from my travels.

A restaurant you would recommend in Paris or elsewhere?


The Bar de la Croix Rouge. I went there with my mum when I was little, then as a student with my friends, and now with my husband.

Which two websites would you secretly recommend?

Where was the last place you went on holiday?


We’re currently in Tokyo!

What are your projects for the future?


Create my ninth collection.

Tableau Déco Appartement Lara Melchior
Papillons Cabinet de Curiosités Lara Melchior
Chien Labrador Chocolat Lara Melchior
Table Eames Marbre Appartement Lara Melchior
Livres Étagère Accumulation Lara Melchior
Vassili Verrecchia et Lara Melchior Appartement Portrait

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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