Chouquettes – Episode 8: Céline Faraud
Famille - Paris



Chouquettes – Episode 8: Céline Faraud

Céline Faraud and Chouquettes have a rich and fascinating story to tell. It’s almost impossible to put into words the aura of her breathtaking apartment on the outskirts of Park Monceau. There are too many unusual anecdotes to tell, too man beautiful objects to list. It’s a scene straight from a movie. Nevertheless, Choquettes made a valiant effort to try and capture it all. Blinking in the soft light of the morning, our adventure begins at the front door and immediately we find ourselves in an entrance hall that could be the epitome of calm and serenity.  Once inside, at every angle, there are shelves by Pierre Chapol, a desk by Charlotte Perriand, lighting by the Bouroullec brothers. Over the years, Celine and her husband have amassed a vast collection of spectactular and wholly authentic pieces. Not a trace of an imitation in sight. It’s enough to make us light-headed! Let Chouquettes take you into this astonishing world.

Tune in next Sunday for the latest episode of our series Chouquettes! Meanwhile, the first seven episodes await you on our site. Just click here.

Deco inspiration...

Céline Faraud and Fabrice, <br>Valentine 13, Baptiste 12, <br>Paulin 9 years old

Céline Faraud and Fabrice,
Valentine 13, Baptiste 12,
Paulin 9 years old

We are first struck by the impressive building. We pass through the enormous front door, to the lift with a fold-up seat that comes from another world. We ascend and floors disappear before our eyes. Then all of a sudden Céline Faraud opens her...

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