Chouquettes – Episode 6: Ingrid Brochard
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Chouquettes – Episode 6: Ingrid Brochard

Editor, producer, exhibition curator, serial entrepreneur: but who really is Ingrid Brochard? This is what Chouquettes wanted to find out for our 6th episode. Resplendent in her bronze skirt, the beaming mother of 3-year-old Sacha, twirls from object to object. She’s a big believer in pursuing dreams. With an infectious love of life, Ingrid is always where you least expect her.Working alongside artists, whose works adorn the walls of her eclectic apartment in the 16th arrondissement, she also holds the reins Panoply: the start-up which she co-founded to rethink consumer fashion. She’s as interesting in herself as she is interested in others, telling us story after story. Whether it’s the colour of the walls or the (very) unusual origin of her bed linen, this leading lady certainly doesn’t send us away from Chouquettes disappointed.

Tune in next Sunday for the latest episode of our series Chouquettes! In the meantime, the first five episodes await you on our site. Just click here.

Inspiration déco...

Ingrid Brochard and Rudy Boublil, Sacha 3 years old

Ingrid Brochard and Rudy Boublil, Sacha 3 years old

Ingrid Brochard has eyes that laugh and a thousand stories to tell. With a career path as long and winding as could be and a fascinating life to match, this is a lady who quickly discovered her raison d’être. Growing up in Tours, at the age of...

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