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In Paris, a Behind the Scenes Look into the Intimate 21 cm Literary Programme.



Augustin Trapenard

Augustin Trapenard is on a roll. We love hearing his voice in the morning on France Inter and seeing his blue eyes on the 21cm TV set in the Canal + TV programme devoted to culture launched a year and a half ago. It’s a very personal setting because the programme is actually filmed in the literary commentator’s home. Like Patti Smith – the show’s first guest – many of the guests have enjoyed the comfort of a Chesterfield, where a few of the books from the maestro’s immense collection are occasionally to be found. He likes to think of the collection as a tableau that frames the ultimate piece in his interior: a Seeburg V200 jukebox. This little treasure, which houses a record collection ranging from Joni Mitchell to Barbara, rapidly became the leitmotif of the life of Augustin and his faithful cocker spaniel, Jean-François.

Le salon ensoleillé d'Augustin Trapenard
Salon Cheminée Marbre Livres Bibliothèque Flamant Rose Naturalisé Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard
Canapé Chesterfield Plaid Hermès Bibliothèque Livre Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Bougeoirs Marine Breynaert Salon Table Salle à manger Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Table Salle à manger Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Livre Salon Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard

Augustin, at home where do you spend the most time?



I don’t get to spend enough time doing this but when I get the chance, evening or weekend, I just flop onto the sofa facing the Seine and read as much as I can or daydream.

Who designed the library?


It was my beloved sister, Fanny Prat. She designed this custom library not only to house all my books but to enhance their coverage- composed together it is a design feature in itself. In my mind, there is nothing more beautiful than books gathered together as decoration on the wall.

Which item do you prefer the most?


Probably my jukebox from 1967 from a bar in Milwaukee, USA. It is a Seeburg V200 that I saw at the flea market and couldn’t stop thinking about for at least a few months. I began to imagine and create the ideal nightclub music etc. I found a haphazard mix of Joni Mitchell, Dylan, Joan Baez and Barbara. It is a piece that takes up a lot of space and is quite intense however I really love it as it breaks up the sense of bachelor sterilisation.

Are you a collector?


I certainly collect books, in spite of myself. Over time, after receiving many and purchasing more, I have learnt to deconsecrate and care not about the object itself. Cautious collectors are common but more often than not, my guests will leave my home with a book in hand.


Where do you go to look for furniture?


I explore Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, finding classics. Sometimes and increasingly, I search leboncoin, eBay and other obscure US-based websites.

How do you describe your style in terms of decor?


For a long while, I referred to it as mid-century modern, evidenced in pieces by Charles et Ray Eames, Florence Knoll and Hans Wegner. In addition to that, I also have a passion for design icons as such, the LC1 chair by Le Corbusier has always fascinated me. It is a piece that’s virtually perfect with elegance and simplicity.

Bureau Livres Bibliothèque Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Chaise LCM Eames Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard Augustin Trapenard Photographie Noir Blanc Salon Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Table Salle à manger Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Chambre Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Augustin Trapenard Augustin Trapenard Augustin Trapenard

Your books act as the decor in your living room, are they arranged in any particular order or way?



They are alphabetised by the author’s name. After that, in chronological order of the bibliography of each individual author. It is for comfort and ease as I’d find it impossible to find a certain books otherwise. Furthermore, there is something very beautiful about being surrounded by these works that meet each other on the shelf, Lydia Salvayre and San Antonio, Doris Lessing and Primo Levi, David Foster Wallace and Michel Foucault.

Did you decide the decor?


Absolutely all me, complete with wanderings and errors in taste. That said, I live alone so apart from my dog Jean-Francois, the responsibility is all mine when it comes to explaining that expensive concept candle or the old lady puppet from Bali I’ve had since childhood…

Do you have an iconic architect or designer that makes you dream?


Probably Charlotte Perriand, even though I only have one her little stools. I dream of one of the great tables in ash from the sixties. They remind me of my grandparents in Auvergne.

Your idea of bad taste is what?


Nothing is more stunning in the living room, in my opinion, than a lack of taste. This is exactly what uniqueness and beauty is… preference and niche visions. The problem is when you start to accumulate clutter, you need to fight that all the weekend long!

A treasure or bargain of which you are most proud?


I really love my copper ashtray by Marine Breynaert. She made all the lighting in the apartment including some of the candle holders. This golden ashtray is surprisingly simple.

A restaurant you can recommend in Paris or elsewhere?


Without a doubt, it is Genio. It’s on Avenue Théophile Gautier close to the Maison de la Radio where I have my lunch almost everyday. The plate of orecchiette blows my mind every time!

Couloir Suspension Luminaire Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Portrait Augustin Trapenard Salon Appartement Paris
Livres Bibliothèque Salon Augustin Trapenard Appartement Paris Salon Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Salon Cheminée Marbre Photographie Noir Blanc Art Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Vue Seine Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Salle de bain Noire Déco Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard Livres Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Chesterfield Plaid Hermès Photographie Art Noir Blanc Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Salon Soleil Vue Quais de Seine Appartement Paris Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard
Augustin Trapenard

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Most stunning home ever – from the choice of books, music and furniture …

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