Geraldine Saglio, Léonard 13, <br>Elisabeth 9 years old
Family - Paris

Check Out the Fashionable World of the Haussmanian Apartment Where Stylist Consultant Geraldine Saglio Resides



Geraldine Saglio, Léonard 13,
Elisabeth 9 years old

Geraldine Saglio is giving free rein to her sensitivity to image to dictate the scenography of her daily life. This is what the consulting stylist likes to do in her Haussmannian flat. A passionate dialogue between fashion and decoration that gives us food for thoughts at The Socialite Family. In the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the former fashion editor of Vogue magazine and former collaborator of Emmanuelle Alt unveils the décor of her family home, which she composes as she would for a silhouette. “Neutral colour palettes” and “mixing styles” where bargains and contemporary pieces sit side by side. This Parisian, who is also mum to Léonard and Elisabeth, advocates “simplicity” above all. A strong affection for Parisian “effortlessness” has always inspired her, and the reason why she continues to cite the work of Karl Lagerfeld during his Chanel period. She is also known for her elementary use of black and white, something the ESMOD graduate wanted to express here through photography. Large prints with graphic charm signed by famous artists she admires, and with whom she has had the chance to work, including Marc Hispard, Lachlan Bailey or the duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. A taste for the work of those who know how to capture the beauty of a moment already present as a little girl. When she was having fun cutting up the magazines of her uncle, the artistic director of an advertising agency. Fashion flashes that have shaped her vision of aesthetics and that she now passes on to her own children in her own way. Visit.

Salon haussmannien chez Geraldine Saglio Salle à manger avec table en bois chez Geraldine Saglio
Table de salle à manger en bois chez Geraldine Saglio
Bibliothèque murale blanche chez Geraldine Saglio

Geraldine, can you introduce yourself?


I was born in Neuilly, near to Paris’s 16th arrondissement where I’ve always lived. I’m a fashion editor and consultant stylist for French and foreign luxury brands as well as mum to 2 kids, Léonard who’s 13 and Elisabeth who’s 9.

Tell us about your background.


After studying law for two years at Assas, I decided I wanted to pursue a more creative career. I’ve loved fashion and interior decor since I was little, so I enrolled at Esmod, a famous fashion school. After several internships with various brands and sectors (marketing, communications, media), my final one was with the prestigious VOGUE magazine. And I went on to spend 17 years working with the mag’s teams! When I was little I often played with my uncle, who was a former advertising artistic director. We’d scour his collection of old Vogue and HARPERS BAZAR magazines and I also bought old fashion-related books. I also developed my taste through various trips that I was lucky enough to take. I was inspired by the architecture, colours and styles in each country I visited.

Portrait Geraldine Saglio chez elle

I have a soft spot for the effortlessly chic Parisian look. It’s classic and quite understated.

Table basse en marbre chez Geraldine Saglio
Famille Geraldine Saglio

You are a stylist and fashion editor. Which designers have influenced your personal style?


As a fashion editor and consultant stylist, I advise designers on their collections and also help them to develop their visual identity. During my career, I had the chance to meet two designers who had and continue to have a strong influence on me: Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren. Two designers with eponymous brands that embody the type of fashion that I aspire to. I also have a soft spot for the effortlessly chic Parisian look. It’s classic and quite understated. Day-to-day outfits that I liven up a bit to make them more cool and appealing.

What about the decor in your Haussmannian apartment?


I’ve always lived in Haussmann-style apartments. Parquet flooring, mouldings, fireplace – my perfect apartment. Even if decor-wise I’m not a huge fan of modern decor, when it comes to interior design I still love to shake things up. I like mixing styles to create unusual combinations. I really enjoy playing with contrasting materials, having fun with neutral colour palettes and bargain-hunting at flea markets for pieces of furniture that I team up with more classic pieces. In other words, relatively understated decor just like my signature taste in fashion. When I’m at home, I particularly love settling down on the banquette in front of my bow window. A reading corner in the dining room area where I decided to put a made-to-measure bookcase. It’s where I organise and store all my books. It’s both a professional space as I display my work, as well as a decorative feature.

Many of the great names in fashion photography have their place on the walls of your flat. How do you choose their works?


I’m a great lover of photography, especially in black and white. I love those two colours, especially in large prints. It gives some graphic character to a very classic flat. I have several photos by great fashion photographers like Marc Hispard, Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott, Lachlan Bailey, etc. Some of them are by photographers I had the chance to work with on Vogue magazine editorials, and I wanted to have them in my home as well. I also have some photos of Kate Moss, one of my favourite supermodels and a great inspiration to me.

Salon avec chaises en bois chez Geraldine Saglio
Chaise en bois et cannage chez Geraldine Saglio
Console et miroir rond chez Geraldine Saglio

I’m a great lover of photography, especially in black and white. (...) It gives some graphic character to a very classic flat.

Couloir avec photographies noires et blanches chez Geraldine Saglio
Portrait noir et blanc chez Geraldine Saglio
Salle de bain grise avec baignoire à pied chez Geraldine Saglio

What does this flat say about you?


It’s a real family flat, a proper cocoon where I’ve also been working for the last two years as a freelancer – most of the time near my vast library and my books. I also have a room devoted to the more stylistic side of things, where all my vintage and sourcing purchases are stored in a large walk-in wardrobe.

What does The Socialite Family mean to you?


A wealth of inspiration and great articles. I love the idea of family life being included when looking at people’s interiors. A way of telling their story and how they all live together in each space…

What’s your favourite piece from our collection?


The Mara corner shelf without a doubt!

Where will we find you in the near future?


Enjoying the catwalks – it’s Fashion Week! I’ll be heading to Milan then Paris!

Chambre à coucher Geraldine Saglio
Dressing de Geraldine Saglio
Photographies noires et blanches chez Geraldine Saglio

It’s a real family flat, a proper cocoon where I’ve also been working for the last two years as a freelancer (...)

Chambre à coucher chez Geraldine Saglio
Photographies familiales Geraldine Saglio
Lampe à poser avec abat jour rotin chez Geraldine Saglio

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