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A Unique Style for a Cinematic Interior.



Michele Pasini

When I arrived at Michele Pasini’s home, I was blown away by his style. Both bold and unique, it becomes apparent Michele is not one to do things in half measures. Dusting off an apartment from the 1930’s, he opted for a minimalist style where monochrome is the underlying theme. By opting for a singular patina covering the walls, the finished appearance is almost cinematic and very photographic. As with any good architect that has a respect for his trade, Michele doesn’t take style lightly. He likes the precision of graphic lines. As for the furniture, he’s seduced by a certain freedom and follows his heart. From the nesting brass tables to a Carlo Scarpa chandelier he has an affection for beautiful materials and does not hesitate to blend this all with family pieces and heirlooms. This Greco-Roman has unequivocal audacity, he might almost have lived in another time.

lit Michele Pasini
tables basses Michele Pasini
canapé salon michele casini table basse ronde tripode michele pasini applique murale salon michele pasini lampe meuble télé michele pasini siege enfant puppy salle à manger michele pasini cendrier ettore sottsass et presse papier tom dixon michele pasini

Michele, could you introduce yourself?


I was born in the town of Brecia close to Lake Garda. I studied architecture at the University of Milan. I’m an adopted Milanese and I am in love with the city more than ever. Milan gave me all the opportunities I ever dreamed about, to live and work passion which also happened  thanks to the merit of my two associates. We managed all three of us to create a real entity and our own architectural signature I believe. We are very proud today.

How long have you lived in this apartment?


I bought the place eight years ago and what is funny is that I am now about to sell it. I am really attached but also I like the change that comes. My roots are linked with the work I do. It’s an apartment in which I’ve spend many intimate moments but the time has come for me too see beyond this space and for others to enjoy the space and make new and fresh memories here. I’ll leave with just my suitcases and and a few venetian floor lamps and family’s red velvet armchairs.

salle à manger michele pasini fauteuil A56
vitrine médicale salle à manger michele pasini
fauteuils velours rouge salon michele pasini

What attracted you most to this apartment?


The fact that it was even available to buy had my immediate attention! It had been inhabited by just a single person since the 1930’s and its history completely seduced me. It was also the time the building was built. When I entered for the very first time the impression I felt was back in time. Nothing had really changed since that person had been living there. She was a pianist, very mindful and meticulous and she had organized the apartment in such a way that it was reminiscent of a mausoleum. All very symmetrical and with a central entryway with rooms coming off either side and five identical windows from floor to ceiling.

Where do you spend the most time in your apartment?


The dining room, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the toilet… There’s no particular place I prefer. The three main rooms are separated and connected by doors meaning that at all times there is possibility to open the space up and close it for separation. Tot, my loyal companion and dog adores this. So each room has it’s moments and meaning of life but it’s true that I probably spend the majority of my time in the kitchen.

Did you decorate your apartment?


Yes !

Chambre Vintage Lustre Italien Michele Pasini Italie
meuble tv salon michele pasini détail objets décoratifs salon michele pasini carafes en verre vitrine michele pasini cuisine michele pasini trancheuse électrique cuisine michele pasini lustre michele pasini détail carreau de ciment michele pasini

For your work, where do you find your inspiration?


Everywhere and anywhere I can and also via people.

What is your current state of mind today?


I’m ready for change, I suppose that’s always been my sense of spirit.

Could you describe yourself in three words?


Stubborn, ambitious and simple.

In your house, what is your favourite object?


Today I’d like to start on a blank page, an empty space. So there is not really an object I like over others. What I look for in a new space is the energy and elegance of it and the way it contrasts with the objects placed within it.

Your favourite holidays?


To take a car trip with your best friend, your significant other or your dog to a place you love. These road trips evoke images from movies, for me.

Two or three restaurants you can recommend to us in Milan?


I have two places that I truly adore, a combination of a great menu, wonderful ambiance and of course a beautifully interesting decor! Potafiori via Salasco and Lile in cucina via Fransesco Guicciardini.


And do you have online deco tips for us ?





Crédits : Constance Gennari@thesocialitefamily.com

fauteuil chambre michele pasini
michele pasini et tot son west highland white terrier
gros plan meuble michele pasini
couloir michele pasini
tables basses salon michele pasini
cuisinière et cafetière michele pasini vaisselle michele pasini détail meuble michele pasini west highland white terrier chien michele pasini

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