Chouquettes – Episode 22: Émilie Duchêne
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Chouquettes – Episode 22: Émilie Duchêne

Émilie Duchêne’s communicative enthusiasm provides a bright contrast to an ever-gloomy sky. We are on the outskirts of Brussels with the founder of Thea Jewelry, who in fact looks more Californian than she does Belgian. This thirty-something with golden skin and cascades of blonde hair whose personalised jewellery is a smash hit the world over gives illuminating answers to our questions. Her assured tastes have been nourished by a past full of travel and interesting people. Having begun her career in Paris with some of the big-name magazines and designers, Émilie Duchêne is now back in her own country. It was the birth of her first daughter that lead to her making a new start as an entrepreneur […]

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Paula pereira, 12 February 2018

I like your familia site VERA much

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