Laia Aguilar and Felipe Cano, Pablo and Adriana
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Laia Aguilar and Felipe Cano, Pablo and Adriana

This week we’re taking a breath of fresh air in Spain to meet the mysterious and magnetic Laia Aguilar. Former stylist for Bobo Choses, Laia is back with a new brand, The Animals Observatory ! An enigmatic name for a brand of children’s clothing that’s youthfully striking. It is a wide collection of elaborate prints and soft fabrics. Recognisable among all, Laia’s style takes inspiration from Japan. Terribly pioneering, The Animals Observatory offers an alternative to the commonplace in the world of children’s fashion. The style is casual and modern for bright-minded children living in the moment. The Socialite Family went to meet with her to discover her world and understand her inspirations. Her unique look may be off-the-beaten-track but seduces us beyond all. Laia’s interior exudes a surprising serenity. Her strength lies within the work of her family whilst living in countryside without any mundane cacophony. That’s something we like…

Salon Maison Barcelone Laia Aguilar
canapé salon vert laia aguilar
Enfants Pablo Adriana Laia Aguilar
Bouquet Feuilles Automne Laia Aguilar Coussin Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Art Tableau Déco Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Cuisine Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Cuisine Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Terrasse Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Vinyl Patti Smith Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar

Laia, could you introduce yourself?


I’m Laia Aguilar, founder and creative director of The Animals Observatory, a kidswear brand established in 2015. Founder and former creative director of Bobo Choses from 2008 to 2014. Mother of Adriana, 6 years old and Pablo. I live in Pontós, a very small village at Alt Empordà, in the countryside of Barcelona. We live with Enzo, our wonderful dog. So, I’m a very happy woman and I’m already 40 years old.

How long have you lived here with your family?


We have been living here since May 1st, 2004.

What first attracted you to this apartment?


The light and the materials, they are very raw which is absolutely attractive for me.

Where do you spend your time in the house? Your favourite place?


I really love to sit on the step at the entrance of the house, or on the street… sometimes, when the sun comes down my husband and I sit there with Enzo, our dog, a very cold beer and we talk about our respective days.

Bibliothèque Bois Rotin Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Table Basse Déco Couleurs Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Entrée Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Laia Aguilar and Felipe Cano, Pablo and Adriana
Laia Aguilar and Felipe Cano, Pablo and Adriana
The Animal Observatory Marque Laia Aguilar Armoire Jaune Déco Peinture Laia Aguilar Salon Bibliothèque Déco Livres Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Fleurs séchées Déco Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Étage Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Jouets Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Chambre Parents Vintage Linge de lit Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Livre Bleu Déco Laia Aguilar

Did you decorate yourself ?


Yes… The pity is that I’ve never enough time to dedicate to my home.

Where did you get your inspiration for The Animals Observatory? And for your home?


Everywhere… I always have my iPhone, a notebook and pen in my bag. I catch the ideas from the street, from magazines, Pinterest, movies, anywhere and everywhere really! I just need to be alert with my eyes wide open. When I was looking for a name for the new brand and The Animals Observatory came to mind I was really happy because I think that this name contained everything that we really want to tell… instinct, observation the world and the mood of animals. The relationship between animals and humans, parents and sons, it really sums up everything The Animals Observatory is about.

What is the mood of The Animal Observatory? The spirit? What kind of kids is it for?


The Animals Observatory aims to be the clothing brand of our children’s children. Timeless in trends that really have nothing to do with fashion, it’s about being close to little family stories. The central influence on my designs for The Animals Observatory is perhaps the animal world seen through the eyes of a child, with curiosity, empathy and excitement.

Livres Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Coin Lecture Livres Bibliothèque Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Plantes vertes Escaliers Extérieur Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Laia Aguilar and Felipe Cano, Pablo and Adriana Détails Déco Table Salle à Manger Laia Aguilar Arts de la Table Salle à Manger Laia Aguilar Bureau Création The Animal Observatory Laia Aguilar Inspiration Livre Nourriture Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar Tissus Couleurs Lin Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar The Animal Observatory Tissus Création Laia Aguilar Photographies Inspiration Laia Aguilar Famille Felipe Enzo Laia Aguilar

Does your husband join in and give his opinion?


Absolutely, for me it is a pleasure to share with him the evolution of my work, my collections and my designs.


How would you describe yourself in three words?


Passionate, hardworking and a little intransigent.

What is your current interior design must-have?


The best holidays with your family?


Last summer in Menorca, with my family !

Do you have any restaurant recommendations in Barcelona?

Chevet Chambre Déco Laia Aguilar
Livres AD Inspiration Laia Aguilar
Salon Maison Barcelone Laia Aguilar

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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