geometric patterns rug

      Geometric Pattern Rugs

      To warm a room as well as decorate it, geometric pattern rugs have all the assets. At The Socialite Family, our design studio dares to combine colors and unique shapes. Crafted at the renowned Manufacture Pinton, they are works of art in themselves, which can also be hung on the wall like paintings.

      Geometric Pattern Rugs: Elegance and Modernity for Your Interior

      At The Socialite Family, we love playing with colors and designs for our creations, and our rugs are no exception. Geometric patterns have the advantage of being timeless, creating ambiances that are as elegant as they are decidedly contemporary.

      The Socialite Family Geometric Pattern Rugs


      The Firenze rug is characterized by its checkerboard pattern, reminiscent of Italian palace floors. This classic design is revisited in a varied color palette ranging from green to black, including brick and beige. It energizes and structures your interior in no time. Made from New Zealand wool with a boucle finish and Baccara wool, it is hand-tufted at the Manufacture Pinton.


      The Roma rug is distinguished by its circular patterns, very 1970s. This unique design, made from New Zealand wool and hand-tufted, makes Roma an ideal choice for those seeking a rug that is both bold and timeless. It brings an artistic and historical touch to any space.

      Luna Quadro

      With its accumulation of colorful rectangles, the Luna rug offers a decidedly contemporary aesthetic. Its geometric patterns create a soothing visual effect while adding a highly structuring dimension to your interior decoration.


      Made of New Zealand wool with a boucle finish and Baccara wool, this rug oscillates between simplicity and geometry. A minimalist and elegant result, perfect for urban interiors.

      Why Choose a Geometric Pattern Rug?

      The Versatility of Geometric Patterns to Suit Different Decoration Styles

      Geometric patterns are extremely versatile and can adapt to a multitude of decoration styles, whether it's a minimalist, contemporary interior, or even a more classic space. They offer flexibility, allowing them to be easily integrated into various decorative contexts.

      The Dynamic and Contemporary Visual Effect of Geometric Patterns

      Geometric patterns catch the eye and create an interesting focal point in the room. Their repetitive and harmonious shapes can transform a space, making it more structured and visually attractive.

      The Ability to Create Structured and Harmonious Spaces with a Geometric Pattern Rug

      A geometric pattern rug can help structure a space by subtly yet effectively delineating different areas. It brings visual coherence and can harmonize the various elements of the room, creating a balanced and pleasant environment.

      How to Integrate a Geometric Pattern Rug into Your Decoration?

      Choose the Right Size, Material, and Shape of the Rug to Fit the Room

      It is essential to choose the size and shape of the rug according to the room where it will be placed. A large rug can anchor a living space, while a smaller rug can highlight a reading nook or an entryway. The natural materials we work with, such as New Zealand wool and Baccara wool, immediately bring warmth and comfort to a room.

      Pair the Geometric Pattern Rug with Complementary Decoration Elements

      For harmonious decoration, it can be interesting to pair your rug with complementary elements. The colors of the rug can be echoed in cushions, curtains, or decorative objects. Geometric patterns can also be contrasted with furniture featuring more fluid lines to create a visual balance. At The Socialite Family, we love the accumulation of colors and patterns. For us, a Firenze rug can easily pair with a blue Rotondo sofa with burgundy stripes and Adagio curtains, for example.

      Use the Geometric Pattern Rug as the Focal Point of the Room to Create a Visual Impact

      A geometric pattern rug can serve as the focal point in a room, attracting attention and creating a strong visual impact. Placed under a coffee table, in front of a sofa, or in a dining room, it becomes the central element around which the rest of the decoration revolves. It is also quite possible to hang it on a wall, thus serving as a textured painting.

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