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      The Socialite Family, the label for home decoration

      After years of experience as a media trendsetter, our passion for interiors became so strong that we decided to build upon it by designing our own decorative items. For you, for us.

      Putting our expertise as a key player in decoration and the art of living to work in designing for you is an ongoing challenge. It ensures we keep our eyes open and makes us curious about everything. Every line, every material, every finish in our models is designed to suit our times and fit in with the concept of being mobile and flexible in your home. With The Socialite Family, you will find the perfect piece to complete, spotlight, or simply create your interior design.

      A story of encounters

      To this end, The Socialite Family has travelled throughout Europe in a quest for those whose expertise has been passed on from generation to generation. Our encounters with makers, craftsmen and individuals who are passionate about their work have inspired us in the creation of our collection. They trusted us. They believed in our approach. 

      Drawing upon our culture, our expertise in furniture and our savoir-faire, we wanted to present a collection that is multi-functional, sustainable and in tune with our times. Timelessness is beyond price. That is what defines our brand. This is our philosophy, and Constance Gennari - founder and artistic director of The Socialite Family - was the driving force behind it from the very beginning of our collection, drawing on her vintage inspirations. Those she acquired from a mother who was passionate about antiques and 18th-century furniture. The genesis of The Socialite Family.

      A network of craftsmen with recognised skills and knowledge

      From our Velluto rug collection to our round Bomboloni cushions, by way of our square and rectangular Carino cushions: all our pieces have been manufactured by weavers, dyers and expert machinists... All of whom we have selected from the best textile workshops in Europe and to whom family skills and knowledge have been passed on. We are passionate about wanting to highlight the materials used and the value of work done by hand. Our requirement is for quality at the right price, without recourse to middle-men.  

      Materials sourced for their incomparable quality

      Assembled in the workshops we have chosen with great care, the materials we use to make our products are of exceptional quality. Our velvets are Italian, our linens come from north-eastern Europe. The wool used in our Velluto carpets is naturally dense, coming directly from the Moroccan Middle Atlas where it is hand-knotted.

      Unique decoration

      The Socialite Family collection's accessories are ideal for completing your decoration or changing it according to the seasons. With such diversity of shapes, materials and colours: the range of possibilities for personalising your interior is endless! A Bomboloni round cushion will bring texture and charm to your favourite piece of furniture, while a Velluto rug will change the appearance of a bedroom or living room depending on where it is placed. To warm up the atmosphere in winter or add a touch of freshness in summer, you can choose from a wide selection of materials and shades to suit all tastes. Designed to complete our furniture range, our models can be used with any style. It's up to you to create your own!

      Exclusive Design

      Our pieces of furniture, lightings and accessories are all designed in Paris by our Design Studio. Timeless, elegant and functional pieces, designed to last.

      Keep-forever European Quality

      100% of our creations are crafted in top workshops across Italy, France, Portugal, and Central Europe, ensuring designs built to last.

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      You can pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer, in complete security and confidentiality.

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      We can ship in over 100 countries. All of our shipments are secure and managed by our carefully selected partners.