Elegant and, at the same time, simple, stripes set our hearts racing at The Socialite Family. They embody the childhood memories of our founder, Constance Gennari, and our most daring suggestions to clients. 


Stripes : a passion at The Socialite Family

Rideaux Portofino à fines rayures

Stripes: a graphic, candid line

Whether it's our Rotondo sofa, our Divino, Carino and Adri cushions or our Paolo desk, The Socialite Family is all about stripes. The inspiration for these combinations of straight or diagonal lines: happy memories of Constance Gennari. And more specifically, recollections of her Italian holidays. With this bold choice, our founder and artistic director offers us a playful trip to the Mediterranean and an incomparable lesson in design. On the one hand, with their flamboyant colours, the broad stripes are reminiscent of the festive world of funfairs and candy and also of colourful deckchairs at the seaside. On the other hand, when they are narrower, as with our Rotondo in blue and burgundy, or inlaid in precious woods, as with Paolo, the stripes gain in boldness. In both cases, they offer a new, highly photogenic aesthetic.

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Stripes to enhance your everyday life

This singular motif is a choice that works well in all interiors. Our design studio had some fun with color. Dense green, brick red, candy pink, as well as blue and burgundy: these shades on our different models will brighten up your home. The stripes can also be found in more natural shades with alternating mahogany and beech wood on Paolo. These contrasting stripes cannot fail to add a bold touch to your home decorating.

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Stripes offer a new, highly photogenic aesthetic.

Rideau Adagio bordeaux

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Rayures diagonales Capriccio et Adagio

Stripes extend even to household linens

Stripes also make an appearance in household linens at The Socialite Family. We adore them on our Capriccio duvet, available in two colors with fine, padded diagonal lines for maximum comfort. They mesmerize us as a bedspread with Monastico. And we also love them as curtains to adorn Adagio. An original way to bring structure and volume to a room.

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Perfectly executed stripes

In line with our taste for beauty, we attach great importance to the idea of craftsmanship. When it comes to textiles, our stripes beautifully adorn a jacquard fabric made by our European craftsmen. As regards wood, our Portuguese craftsmen execute meticulous marquetry. Mahogany and beech from eco-managed forests make a perfect match, for a result that's as spectacular as it is delicate. 

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