In a leopard mood

Bold and sophisticated, the leopard motif has all the qualities to become a must-have in any home. Our mood board, drawing inspiration from our collections as well as from figures like Jean Cocteau and films such as "Bringing Up Baby" (1938) by Howard Hawks featuring Katharine Hepburn, attests to its enduring appeal. The leopard confidently spans through eras, effortlessly blending into various universes. It has left an indelible mark on the grand stages of cinema and found a privileged place in the collective imagination. It will undoubtedly find its place in your home.

At The Socialite Family, our founder and artistic director, Constance Gennari, has elevated the leopard pattern to one of our most distinctive signatures. Simultaneously timeless and fiercely modern, our leopard owes its hypnotic power to its weaving, meticulously crafted from cotton jacquard in an Italian workshop in Lombardy. This unique craftsmanship renders it as precious as it is timeless. Picture this: guests being received with panache on the Rotondo sofa, your bedroom adorned with the Leopardo rug, or your entrance bathed in the glow of a Gioia table lamp crowned with a feline-inspired shade. Whether layered or used sparingly, the leopard is a timeless classic that one can confidently embrace with eyes closed.

© Betty Catroux, Jeanloup Sieff / Imagerie The Socialite Family

Simultaneously timeless and fiercely modern

© Imagerie The Socialite Family / Intérieur de Carlo Mollino, © François Halard

© Intérieur de Jean Cocteau à Milly-la-Forêt, Maison Jean Cocteau © Colombe Clier-MCC

© Intérieur de Carlo Mollino, © François Halard / Katharine Hepburn, dans "L'impossible monsieur Bébé" (1938) / imagerie The Socialite Family

© Imagerie The Socialite Family / Intérieur de Madeleine Castaing

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