Round rug

      Round Rugs

      At The Socialite Family, we believe that every element of your interior can reveal your boldness and express your personality. Our Luna rugs, with their soft yet character-filled organic shapes, embody this philosophy. These unique pieces add a touch of sophistication and originality to any space while offering the comfort and quality you deserve.

      Why Choose a Round Rug?

      A round rug brings a unique dynamic to an interior. Unlike rectangular rugs, a round rug can soften the angular lines of your furniture and create a more fluid visual effect. Additionally, it naturally draws the eye, becoming an attractive and sophisticated focal point. The Luna rugs from The Socialite Family stand out with their numerous color variations and the craftsmanship of Manufacture Pinton used in their creation.

      How to Choose Your Round Rug

      Determining the Ideal Size

      The first step in choosing the perfect round rug is determining the size that will best suit your space. Consider the dimensions of the room and the intended location for the rug. A rug that's too small may seem lost in a large room, while a rug that's too large can overwhelm the space. At The Socialite Family, our Luna rugs have a diameter of 200cm, making them ideal to place under a round dining table like our Carlotta Alta.

      Selecting the Right Materials

      Our Luna round rugs are made from high-quality, 100% New Zealand wool. Hand-tufted in Asia by Manufacture Pinton, they are as beautiful and plush as they are durable.

      Choosing the Colors

      The colors of a round rug are crucial for setting the ambiance of your room. Our Luna rugs come in a palette of eight colors, ranging from neutral and soothing tones to vibrant and bold hues. The border features an almost tone-on-tone trim for a finish that is as subtle as it is elegant.

      Where to Place a Round Rug?

      The round rugs from the Luna collection can be placed in various areas of your home. Under a round dining table, they create harmonious symmetry. In a living room, they can define a relaxation or reading nook. Placed in a bedroom, a round rug can add a touch of comfort and warmth at the foot of the bed.

      Are Round Rugs Suitable for Small Spaces?

      Round rugs are particularly suitable for small spaces. Their soft, non-linear shape helps create an impression of volume and openness, unlike rectangular rugs, which can accentuate the angles and lines of furniture.

      The Craftsmanship Behind Our Round Rugs

      At The Socialite Family, each rug is the result of exceptional artisanal craftsmanship. The artisans at Manufacture Pinton use traditional weaving techniques and high-quality materials to create unique and durable pieces. This renowned workshop has collaborated with some of the greatest artists like Picasso, Miro, Dali, Cocteau, Delaunay, and Le Corbusier.

      Exclusive Design

      Our pieces of furniture, lightings and accessories are all designed in Paris by our Design Studio. Timeless, elegant and functional pieces, designed to last.

      Keep-forever European Quality

      100% of our creations are crafted in top workshops across Italy, France, Portugal, and Central Europe, ensuring designs built to last.

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