The Cavallo Armchair

Everything about the Cavallo armchair is an ode to the childhood memories of our founder Constance Gennari. First of all, there’s horseback riding, which her family adored, and which gives its name to this already classic model. Then there’s Italy, of course, and the Veneto region in particular. It was into these villages, between the land and the sea, that we set off in search of inspiration. From artisans with skills and expertise that are recognised and admired by all. To design the shape of what was to be our first armchair. The beginning of a collection which we have designed, produced and sold ourselves. The horseshoe curves of the Cavallo armchair are the result of its unique specification. A one-piece frame, carved in beech wood with a cherry ash or black lacquered finish similar to that of our Panchina bench – which is also caned!  It took us months to choose all the materials that give the Cavallo armchair its special line. Months to refine its brass feet, its hypnotic line and its many colourful seats. Not to mention its multiple interchangeable and colorful seats at your whims (we recommend reaching out to our customer service for options). These variations establish the Cavallo armchair as a timeless piece that gracefully navigates through time and desires with unparalleled elegance. A host of possibilities that make the Cavallo armchair a must-have. A timeless piece of furniture that will stand the test of time – and desires – with elegance.. A strong piece whose look, simplicity and quality make the everyday more beautiful. This is handmade, a labour of love, with painstakingly selected combinations. The Socialite Family is proud to present its Cavallo armchair.

The horseshoe curves of the Cavallo armchair are the result of its unique specification. A one-piece frame, carved in beech wood.

A host of possibilities make the Cavallo armchair a must-have, timeless piece which elegantly withstands the test of time.

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