The Gioia Table Lamp

Gioia… The name of our table lamp is as sweet to pronounce as the light that emanates from it.

. Joy, in Italian The joy of spreading a beautiful glow over a fireplace or a desk. Majestic and sculptural, our jewel of a light exists in different shapes : the

. It can be placed delicately on the smallest of surfaces, from the desk to the bedside table, to the table at the end of the sofa in your living room! Wherever they go, our two models will satisfy your tastes and requirements. Because Gioia is a signature piece, from the feminine lines of its base, which may suggest a flower, to its shade, which is pleated, just like a dress. A statement piece where the italian's workmanship where they are created, materials and choice of finishes reflect the expertise that is so dear to our hearts at The Socialite Family. The contrast of a glossy lacquer or natural iroko finish with matte cotton or woven rattan – for our largest model – sets the tone. The promise of a refined piece with a timeless look, wildly modern and retro at the same time. The desire for a curvy creation where the angles, sometimes round, sometimes square, transport us back to the 1970s.

Gioia… Le nom de notre lampe à poser est aussi doux à prononcer que l’est la lumière qui en émane.

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