Brera, Milan's showcase for beautiful things, is where creative minds come into their own. Our lamps share the name and creativeness of this artistic district, and mark the Franco-Italian link that is so precious to The Socialite Family. Focus on these essential items to brighten up your interiors.


Brera: The Luminaire for Every Room in the House

Brera is the creative heart of Milan. A district with a strong focus on design and fashion. Historic buildings rub shoulders with antique and tailor shops. There's no doubt about it: There's a rich, innovative energy here, just the thing to inspire us here at The Socialite Family. Our

are the perfect example. They are a brilliant expression of our dual Franco-Italian identity. This is a wish dear to Constance Gennari, our founder and artistic director, who was keen to highlight the refinement and creative flair of this district. And that's exactly what Brera is all about.

The purity of Brera lighting

Brera lights embody the perfect fusion of classic elegance and bold contemporary design. Just as Milan's trendy quarter is a perfect blend of genres, our light fittings reflect refined Italian aesthetics and a cutting-edge sense of design. The Socialite Family's Brera lamps, whether suspended, wall-mounted or floor-standing, owe their finesse to their playfully couture-style pleated cotton. Their geometric shapes contribute to creating a timeless silhouette that blends effortlessly into different interior styles. Whether your décor is modern, classic or eclectic, Brera lights add a touch of effortless elegance and create quite exceptional visual balance.

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Everyday brilliance

In addition to their sophisticated aesthetics, our design studio has created Brera lighting to be as practical as it is everyday. Our Brera lamps provide a warm, peaceful light that instantly transforms the atmosphere of any room, whether that's the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or study.

The geometric shades of our Brera pendant lamps float above our heads, creating an infinitely soft halo. Their perfect proportions guarantee that the light they cast is balanced and doesn't dazzle. You can use them in a group or on their own, and in different sizes (60 cm or 80 cm diameter) or keep them the same.

Brera wall lights come in semi-circle, square and half-saucer shapes. Their pleated effect instantly dresses up your walls and helps to diffuse a welcoming and refined light throughout your home.

The Brera floor lamp adds a touch of elegance to your workspace or to your living room, for example. The slender base in matt black metal continues the idea of a luminous, designer look. The geometric lampshade seems to levitate. The result is a soft, gentle glow.

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Brera and its unique expertise 

At The Socialite Family, expertise is one of our core priorities. Each piece is a marriage between Constance Gennari's artistic vision, our design studio, and our manufacturers' meticulous expertise. We work with our highly skilled craftspeople to create lighting that lasts, and that transcends trends. Brera lighting is the result of a unique, meticulous approach. Our traditional French manufacturer assembles them by hand and ensures that the pleating is perfectly positioned. This quest for perfection guarantees not only sublimely aesthetic pieces but also long-lasting lighting that stands the test of time. Finally, Brera is manufactured on a small scale, which also means we can maintain consistent quality while offering you unique and exclusive pieces. Each Brera light is made as a functional work of art that will find its place in the most demanding settings.

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Brera dans sa version lampadaire

Brera en suspension

La suspension Brera dans sa version sable

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