Curtains are essential in setting a room's atmosphere and look. They are not simply functional accessories but elements that add character, personality and a certain quality of light to our living areas. The heavy fall of Teatro or Palazzo elegantly hushes a room, while the lightness of Bambina and the natural softness of Craft let in diffused light. They are decorative elements in their own right. However, curtains can accumulate dust, odours and even stains over time, so maintenance is essential. So, let's tell you more…

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How to wash your curtains efficiently

Why is it important to wash curtains regularly?

Absorption of dust and odours

Curtains act as filters in the home, absorbing dust and odours. Over time, this build-up can make curtains less functional and affect indoor air quality. Regular washing (two or three times a year) keeps them looking good and contributes to a healthy environment.

Allergy prevention

Allergens, including dust mites, can also settle in the folds of fabric, contributing to respiratory problems. Regular washing removes these particles and plays an important part in creating a more comfortable and harmonious living space.

Keeping them looking good

Clean curtains keep their shape for longer. Accumulated dirt can alter the colour and texture of fabrics, and that can affect the overall look of the room. Careful washing will maintain the original lustre of the curtains and keep your home looking and feeling good.

Washing curtains: preparation before washing 

Removing metal accessories

Remember to remove any metal accessories, such as hooks or rings, before you put your curtains in the washing machine. This avoids the risk of damaging the machine and ensures a gentle wash.

Pre-treatment of Stains

If your curtains have stubborn stains, consider treating them before washing. Use suitable stain removers based on the type of fabric of your curtains and follow the product instructions. This will maximize the chances of success during washing.

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Rideau Ombra

Washing curtains: how do you choose the right washing method? 

Machine washing curtains

For curtains that can be machine washed, such as Bambina in cotton gauze, make sure you select a delicate programme to avoid damaging the delicate fibres. Use a mild detergent and avoid overloading the machine to ensure gentle cleaning. The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.

Dry-cleaning curtains

At The Socialite Family, we use high-quality, fine fabrics. We strongly recommend dry cleaning for our Teatro or Palazzo velvet curtains and our Craft linen and San Moritz wool and cashmere curtains. 

When should I opt for a specialist dry cleaner?

Some curtains benefit from professional cleaning, particularly those with complex linings or delicate materials.  A specialist dry cleaner can ensure your curtains are cleaned gently and preserve their quality, especially if the labels indicate dry cleaning.

How to wash curtains: specifics by material

Cotton gauze curtains

Cotton gauze is delicate, so you can machine wash it but at no more than 30 degrees and with a mild detergent.  Always dry in the fresh air to preserve the lightness of the gauze.

Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains need special attention. To avoid altering the texture of the velvet, dry clean or have them professionally cleaned.

Linen curtains

We recommend washing our linen curtains by hand or dry-cleaning. Hang them to dry and iron them while they are still slightly damp to preserve the natural texture of the linen.

Wool curtains

Our San Moritz curtains are made from a blend of wool and cashmere crafted in France by artisans. This delicate fabric must be dry-cleaned.

Rideau Bambino blanc
Rideau bambina vert
Rideau Bambina rose
Rideau Bambino blanc
Rideau bambina vert
Rideau Bambina rose

Top curtain drying tips 

Drying in the open air

Air dry to avoid any risk of shrinkage or deformation. Hang the curtains on a rail or clothesline to let them dry naturally.

Ironing: yes or no?

Ironing depends on the fabric used for your curtains. To avoid damage, iron cotton gauze or linen, for example, on the wrong side of the curtains at a low temperature. Some curtains can retain their elegance without ironing.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your curtains

Recommended frequency for washing curtains

The frequency of washing depends on various factors, including the location of your curtains and whether you have any pets. A curtain in a kitchen will require more maintenance than one in a bedroom because of odours from cooking. As a general rule, washing once or twice a year is ideal.

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You know what to do now

Washing your curtains properly is a ritual that not only helps to keep your home looking fresh but also helps preserve the beauty and elegance of your decor over time. Your Bambina, Teatro, Palazzo, Ombra, Scuola, Vento and Protofino will thank you. 

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