The coffee table is there through all life's events, large and small, and has a special place in any interior. Beyond its obvious functionality, it is a central decorative element that can radically transform the atmosphere of a living room. In this detailed guide, we take an in-depth look at the various aspects you should consider when selecting your coffee table. And because a helping hand  never comes amiss, we have a nice selection at The Socialite Family that should help you.

Table basse Carlotta en marbre marron


How to choose the right coffee table

Why choose a coffee table for your living room?

The coffee table isn't just a piece of furniture like any other. It is a central decorative design element that transcends its primary function. It becomes a real visual pivot, one that can influence the whole aesthetic of your living space. It is also the place to sit around and meet people, chat, laugh and make discoveries, including culinary ones. 

More than a piece of furniture, a central decorative element

Choosing a coffee table isn't just about satisfying a practical need. It's an aesthetic decision that can enhance your entire living room. At The Socialite Family, the notions of family and all things beautiful are at the heart of our reporting and creative work. So, we design our coffee tables so that they combine functionality and good looks.

The impact of the coffee table on the ambience of the living room

The coffee table can take the lead in the decorative scheme, dictating the overall ambience of your living space. It's all about its shape, the materials it's made from and its colour. Whether you opt for a wooden, lacquered, transparent glass, marble, or travertine coffee table, each choice has an impact on the overall atmosphere.

Table basse Orso
Table basse Paparazzi verte
Table basse Carlotta en verre fumé
Table basse Orso
Table basse Paparazzi verte
Table basse Carlotta en verre fumé

How do you choose the size of your coffee table?

Like you, at The Socialite Family, we like to see just the right proportions and visual harmony. A coffee table gives structure to a room and can add an element of whimsy. So the size you choose is crucial: neither too big nor too small. Just what it takes for it to find its right place.

The ideal size for a coffee table

Ideally, you should choose a coffee table that is similar to or slightly lower than the height of your sofa. This creates a flat, balanced surface for decorative objects, drinks or books.

Should a coffee table be higher than the sofa?

In certain circumstances, choosing a coffee table that is slightly higher than the sofa can add an interesting visual dimension while still maintaining an aesthetic balance. From a practical point of view, this height can be a good compromise for small spaces that don't have a dining table, for example. Choosing a lower table is an interesting option if you want to give a more Zen and intimate look to your whole living room.

What shape of coffee table should I choose?

The shape of the coffee table depends on how your living room is configured.

A square coffee table

The Paparazzi coffee table by The Socialite Family is instantly recognisable with its Seventies references, clean lines and characterful lacquered wood finish. It is versatile, timeless and easily adaptable to a wide range of living room configurations. Placed within  the curve of a U-shaped sofa or in the angle of a corner sofa, or by a fireside chair or a daybed, Paparazzi is sure to be an eye-catcher as well as being very welcoming. 

A rectangular coffee table

The rectangular shape of the Orso coffee table in ash with an iroko finish for the top and lacquered wood for the legs is perfect for long or narrow living rooms. It also complements a corner sofa. 

An oval coffee table

The organic shape of the Carlotta oval coffee table brings a soft, curved feel to any interior. Its fluid lines mean it suits any layout. While it is ideal for living rooms with furniture that follows a curve, it will also work perfectly with a straighter configuration, providing flexibility. 

A round coffee table

The very convivial round Carlotta coffee table increases tenfold the intimate atmosphere you have already created in a living room. The circular shape makes it easy for guests to move around.

What shape of coffee table should you choose for a corner sofa?

Ideally, a rectangular, oval, or square coffee table can harmoniously complement the angular configuration of a corner sofa. This optimises space yet maintains visual balance. You can also opt for a round top, so why not combine different sizes and heights to play with the space.

What shape of coffee table should I choose for a U-shaped sofa?

A rectangular coffee table or a combination of small tables can be adapted to the extended shape of a U-shaped sofa. This creates a balanced and functional layout.

Table basse Orso

What material should you choose for your coffee table?

The choice of material for your coffee table plays a significant role in the overall look of your living room. At The Socialite Family, we use the highest-quality materials, combined with our craftspeople's expertise, to ensure that your coffee table will last a lifetime. 

Choosing a lacquered wood coffee table

At The Socialite Family, we love the lacquered finish that brings life, light and character to an interior design scheme design. In our view, lacquer is ageless and, consequently, a timeless way of decorating. That's why you'll find it in its entirety on the Paparazzi coffee table as well as in small touches on Carlotta and Orso. 

What type of wood is the ideal choice for a coffee table

Opting for The Socialite Family's designs in ash guarantees not only durability but also a beautiful patina over time. Ash is a versatile choice that suits a variety of decorative styles. We care about our impact on the environment. That is why we choose ash from ecologically managed forests.

Choosing a glass coffee table

The Carlotta glass coffee table has a subtle transparency that creates a modern, airy ambience. It is particularly suited to smaller spaces and gives an impression of lightness.

Choosing a marble coffee table

The Carlotta marble coffee table is as luxurious as it is elegant. It instantly adds a sophisticated dimension to your living room. At The Socialite Family, we love marble because it's so much a part of Italian décor. Our marble is available in a variety of colours to give you choice and allow you to tailor your table to the style of your living room. White, pink, green, and brown... there's something for everyone.

Choosing a travertine coffee table

Choose the Carlotta travertine coffee table if you are looking for an organic and natural feel. Travertine is ideal for those aiming for a Mediterranean style, for example. The natural tones and unique texture of travertine can make it a centrepiece in its own right in your living room.

Table basse Paparazzi  crème
Table d'appoint Carlotta laquée noir

What colour should I choose for a coffee table?

The choice of colour for your coffee table depends largely on your existing colour palette and your personal preference. It's important that you create visual harmony with the rest of your furniture.

Coffee table styles for every type of living room

Every living room has its own distinct style, and the choice of coffee table should reflect that. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, industrial or eclectic look, The Socialite Family offers pieces to suit every preference. Our Paparazzi table, for example, has a decidedly 70s outline, while Orso embodies more of the pure elegance of Nordic decor. Depending on the tabletop, Carlotta brings together different styles and eras.

Additional features and functions for coffee tables

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, some coffee tables offer additional features that can improve the practicality of your living space.

Coffee tables with storage

Paparazzi has deep, concealed drawers. A discreet way to gain storage space. Orso is made up of shelves that provide little spaces for storage. The Socialite Family's Opéra occasional tables combine functionality and aesthetics. Featuring discreet storage compartments, they provide an elegant solution for keeping your living room tidy, and you can place a Marta lamp, a Candela candle or an Anna candleholder on top. 

Modular and adjustable coffee tables

Modular, adjustable coffee tables give you flexibility when you are designing your space. They can be adapted to suit individual requirements, whether for a relaxed dinner in front of the television or a play area for the children. That's what makes our Carlotta tables so special, whether they're round, oval or  occasional side tables. You can mix and match a Carlotta coffee table in one material and a Carlotta side table in another material to vary styles and appeal while remaining highly functional. 

How do you match your coffee table to the rest of your furniture? 

Harmony of colours and materials

At The Socialite Family, we're not afraid of mixing and matching colours, patterns and materials. Don't worry about conventions: create the decor that suits you best. The lacquer of Paparazzi, for example, goes beautifully with the natural wood of our Opéra occasional tables. A Carlotta coffee table in travertine can have coloured lacquered legs and be combined with a Carlotta side table, which is also lacquered in the same colour or in natural wood. Anything is possible. 

Playing with contrasts for a more dynamic look

For those who prefer a bolder look, playing with contrasts can infuse a good dose of dynamism into your living space. For example, a coffee table in natural or in coloured lacquered wood can create a striking contrast in a living room dominated by neutral tones.

Tips for buying and caring for your coffee table

When you buy a coffee table, you should also consider the usual practical aspects, including care and maintenance. Once you've chosen a design to suit your taste and the layout of your home, the big question is how to look after your furniture. In families with young children, for example, a glass top will get marked more quickly and will need to be looked after every day if you don't want to leave any lingering fingerprints. Despite its vulnerability, a wooden tabletop has the advantage of developing a patina over time, giving it a unique character. A marble top is more resistant to damage and requires less attention.

Table d'appoint Opéra

The choice is yours

With the variety of coffee tables on offer from The Socialite Family, you can be sure of finding the perfect piece to suit your style and preferences. Whether you choose Paparazzi's contemporary lacquered wood, The Socialite Family's timeless natural ash, or Carlotta's transparent glass or elegant marble, each choice has a unique identity and helps create a living room that reflects you. Take the time to select the perfect coffee table, as it is destined to become the focal point of many of your fondest memories. 

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