Large pendant light

      Large Suspension

      To adorn an entrance, stage a dining table, or offer an aerial ballet in a bedroom, nothing beats embracing the grandiose. The large suspensions from The Socialite Family willingly lend themselves to the task, whether alone or in accumulation.

      Why Choose a Large Suspension?

      A large suspension allows you to play with the volumes of a room while immediately adding a touch of grandeur to everyday life.

      Visual Impact and Aesthetics

      A large suspension always evokes the spectacular in the visual landscape. Floating in the air, it takes hold of the space with lightness and virtuosity. It helps to delimit and structure spaces by its size but also by the light it diffuses.

      Optimal Illumination of Large Spaces

      Large suspensions are ideal for illuminating a specific point while spreading a diffuse halo throughout the rest of the room.

      Variety of Styles and Materials

      At The Socialite Family, our large suspensions boast designs as diverse as they are elegant. We enjoy playing with sizes as well as materials. Stretched or pleated cotton, blown glass, or metal... The wide choice of models is available in different colors for some.

      How to Choose Your Large Suspension?

      Size and Proportions Relative to Space

      Ideally, a large suspension requires a certain ceiling height and surrounding space that allow it to fully unfold. However, smaller rooms can also accommodate an imposing suspension, depending on your lighting needs and expectations.

      Material Choice Based on Interior Style

      At The Socialite Family, we love mixing styles, colors, and materials. However, a fabric suspension will play the refinement and delicacy card, while a metal suspension will have more character. A glass suspension oscillates between the evanescent purity of the material and its great strength.

      How to Incorporate a Large Suspension into Your Décor?

      Our design studio conceives large suspensions as floating sculptures. They dress the space on their own but can also be used in accumulation with identical models of different sizes or colors.

      Our XXL Suspension Models

      Brera Large Suspension

      Sculptural, Brera seems to float above our heads. Entirely covered with an elegant hand-pleated cotton fabric, according to ancestral know-how, Brera diffuses a soft and comforting light. Available in two sizes or more (contact our customer service), it allows the creation of a true aerial ballet in a majestic entrance or an intimate dining room.

      Balla Large Suspension

      In metal and bright colors, Balla has all the seventies' signature. With its round shape, it concentrates light to create a very intimate atmosphere.

      Piccola Large Suspension

      Piccola is a sculpture in itself. Its blown glass globe features singular contrasts that offer a unique light, specific to each Piccola. Combined with a brass support, this large suspension is the epitome of refinement.

      Amalfi Large Suspension

      In woven rattan, Amalfi offers a more natural signature for a craft or bohemian decoration.

      Exclusive Design

      Our pieces of furniture, lightings and accessories are all designed in Paris by our Design Studio. Timeless, elegant and functional pieces, designed to last.

      Keep-forever European Quality

      100% of our creations are crafted in top workshops across Italy, France, Portugal, and Central Europe, ensuring designs built to last.

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