We’ll all become brass lovers

We’ll all become brass lovers

Brass is riding high! Obtained by the alloy of copper and zinc, this rock star material is in our homes where we least expect it! We put it in our skirting boards and our switches, and so why not in our worktops? With a refined and elegant colour, brass takes us back in time to another era: Italy in the 1940s, when opaline was blended with velvet and Carrare marble. But let’s keep our feet firmly on the ground and use this alloy in decorative items within our reach, such as candlesticks and mirrors. The amazing look of brushed brass will give them a vibrant and even sandy tint. When we think about brass, we often also think of Tom Dixon, a designer from London. In Barbara Ghidoni’s apartment, the tea set by the English man matches perfectly with marble and vitalises an impeccable stainless steel kitchen. Brass surprises and shines. Don’t hesitate to put some details of it in a room, such as armchairs’ legs, a light or an accessory. The daylight will bounce on them and will give off a nurturing and warm light in your home. Could brass be magical?

tables basses Michele Pasini
We’ll all become brass lovers
détail meuble michele pasini
Salle à manger Table repas Suspension graphique Fleurs Vases Appartement Barbara Ghidoni Architecte Milan
Bar Lumineux Créatrice Mau Loa Maria de la Orden
Luminaire Salon Bleu Appartement Créateur Galerie Stimmung Augustin David

With a refined and elegant colour, brass takes us back in time to another era

Cuisine en inox Théière Tom Dixon doré Appartement Barbara Ghidoni Architecte Milan
Salon Appartement Bruxelles Aurélie Coene Thomas Van Den Driessche
Lampadaire Magic Circus Restaurant La Forêt Noire
salon famille cyril ficarra et cyril laborde peinture rouge
Mur art Cadres Sculptures Appartement Milan Giovanni Cagnato

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