Black is the New Black!

Black is the New Black!

Black is both a fascinating and frightening colour! Very important in our colour charts, this tone can be as diverse in uses as rich in meanings. One thing is certain: mastering it is an art. When it’s well-used, black can constrast with an object and bring volume and panache to it. Not to mention the immediate design effect. Choosing black for a section of – or a whole – wall is just daring. But you need to take risks when you want a strong identity for your home! So we dare, just like Alix Thomsen, on a headboard or, more classic, in a corridor to enhance a vanishing point. You want to keep the optical illusion but you are timorous when it comes to blackening your home? Here is a piece of advice: play with different materials. Slate, zellige, sandstone or metal: there are a lot nuances and textures. The combinations are endless. Test and focus on details. You want painting? Choose a dark khaki or a petrol blue, which are ideal substitutes but also colours who match perfectly with… black elements. Great objects carefully chosen, from the simple armchair to the monumental ceiling light, a skin or a wallpaper. In Marianne Fersing‘s home, black is spiced by colour touches. It is the support of a story and straight away, it does not seem as cold and austere. It’s perfect for a child’s bedroom! So remember: black likes to be associated to other pigments. It’s now our job to adapt our favourite ones to its character and to mix it as we see fit. The graphic cement tiles are the middle ground for this. On Alice Bizien‘s floor, their patterns become a fascinating whole. Is this protean black about to become our best decoration ally?

Salle de bain noire Total Look Appartement Augustin Trapenard
Bureau peint en noir Appartement Montpellier Nelly Patron
Chambre Tête de lit noire Appartement Delphine Imbert
Salle de Bain Carreaux ciment Emmanuel Bossuet Marie Laure Bellanger
Portrait Chambre Tête de lit noire Appartement Paris Alix Thomsen
Entrée graphique Carrelage noir Maison Alice Bizien
Meuble XVIII Bois Contraste Parquet Emmanuel Bossuet Marie Laure Bellanger
Salle de bain noire Bois Appartement Londres Chloé Machintosh
baignoire salle de bain noire zoé rumeau paris
Chambre enfant papier-peint noir Nathalie Lété Appartement Marianne Fersing Paris
Chambre Pan de mur noir Maison Paris Siv Tone Kverneland Créatrice Jippi Design
Black is the New Black!

 Photography: Constance Gennari – Text:  Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

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