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The Socialite Family and leboncoin’s Christmas table

She dreamed of a Christmas with dazzling lights, satin glints, champagne tones and shimmering hues. Our Splendido Splendente collection expresses this luminous dream. She wanted her festive table to be a mismatched medley, as surprising and fun as a family gathering. To do this, our founder and artistic director Constance Gennari decided to have a nosy on leboncoin platform. But why not go even further? A partnership was born out of this festive idea. So this winter, for the festive season, The Socialite Family is teaming up with leboncoin. The Christmas table set by Constance Gennari features antique cups and saucers, porcelain plates decorated with flowers, silver-plated napkin rings delicately set with bows and shimmering gilt… Constance’s Christmas table is all about passing on traditions, creating memories and a story. “One of my favourite things, apart from finding something, is undoubtedly meeting people,” she confides. The story of an object revealed by its former owner gives us an insight into family closeness and the passing on of traditions. For The Socialite Family, these are words full of meaning. Pieces that stand the test of time, being handed down through the generations: that’s what we want to happen to our creations. On Constance’s Christmas table, everything is hand-picked, for a joyful mix of styles, periods, materials and tones. She tells us all about it, from her favourites to her little habits, and her tips and tricks for successful bargain hunting on leboncoin.

You can check out Constance Gennari’s finds from leboncoin on our website and in The Socialite Family’s Paris shops at 12 rue Saint-Fiacre, 75002 and Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, 24 rue de sèvres, 75005 as well as in Lyon, 54 rue Auguste Comte, 69002. Note these are unique pieces: the selection varies from one outlet to another!

TSF Collection Noel 2023-105
TSF Collection Noel 2023-104
TSF Collection Noel 2023-42
TSF Collection Noel 2023-106
TSF Collection Noel 2023-28
TSF Collection Noel 2023-27
TSF Collection Noel 2023-2
The Socialite Family and leboncoin’s Christmas table

En inspiration...

TSF Collection Noel 2023-7

Christmas 2023 collection : Splendido Splendente

In the depths of winter, a bitterly cold evening. The pale halo of the street lights illuminates the deserted streets; there is frost on the windows, and the snow clings to the slate roofs of Paris… And not far away, as the crow flies, you...

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