4 Wooden Creations from <br> The Socialite Family Collection

4 Wooden Creations from
The Socialite Family Collection

An organic, warm and timeless material from which our furniture and lighting has been made with elegance and accuracy for several seasons now, wood has become one of the favourite materials of The Socialite Family design studio for collection after collection. This return to the natural gradually imposed itself, highlighting the myriad variations of this raw and noble product to offer a highly desirable set of finishes for articles that have become iconic. Among these, The Socialite Family has selected 4 of its best picks just for you. The Occhio room divider, the Carlotta Alta, the famous Cavallo armchair and the iconic Gioia table lamp. Unique models that, thanks to the presence of natural wood, will evolve with your mood, now comforting, now timeless. A nomadic creation par excellence, the Occhio folding screen will match every room of your interior with an elegant interplay of hide-and-seek behind its subtly oriented wooden slats. A striking piece made in Portugal that playfully defines the various spaces of your home according to your mood.  The imposing Carlotta Alta, the big sister of our  Carlotta coffee table, will be your ideal everyday companion in your kitchen or living room, giving your interior an intimate atmosphere for ever more precious moments with friends and family, your partner, or alone at home. Beside it, our faithful Cavallo armchair will strike a perfect chord, as is often the case in an office or living room. Made in the province of Friuli, it generous ash wood curves are a living demonstration of Italian know-how. We can admire this in the craftsmanship of the foot of our Gioia table lamp – the signature of The Socialite Family – which comes in the simplest appearance with an iroko-finish ash for lovers of wood, and accessorised with a pleated cotton or rattan lamp shade! Its minimalist charm allows the wood to express itself through these articles, so indulge yourself and succumb to this natural material steeped in history.

Do you like our selection of 100% wooden articles? Discover all the wooden references from The Socialite Family collection on our e-shop. Or see these articles for yourself at our Parisian boutique at 12, rue Saint-Fiacre – Paris 2, but also in our permanent corner on the 4th floor of BHV MARAIS (temporarily closed).

Cavallo fond vert et rouge
Gioia marbre rouge EN
4 Wooden Creations from <br> The Socialite Family Collection 4 Wooden Creations from <br> The Socialite Family Collection
Carlotta Alta
The Socialite Family Carlotta Alta Oval Wooden Table 2 090,00€ See more
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Irono gioia lamp + plant
cavallo double salon
4 Wooden Creations from <br> The Socialite Family Collection
paravent occhio
brown pan china and plant
4 Wooden Creations from <br> The Socialite Family Collection 4 Wooden Creations from <br> The Socialite Family Collection

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