Serge Mouille Black Shapes

Serge Mouille Black Shapes

He was one of the greatest designers of lights of the 20th century, and moreover, he was French. Serge Mouille is an icon. A virtuoso who designed his lamps like jewels. His creations are inventiveness and delicacy wonders and the result of years studying goldsmithery at the Arts Appliqués, a great school of arts in Paris. Thanks to these training, the student, who were still a craftsman, learned how to give life to the metal and got the status of designer. His first work, a standing lamp with three arms, made in 1951 for Jacques Adnet, was a great recognition. Why? This collection, also called Black Shapes, is a real challenge to the stiffness of his favourite material. Always a hammer in the hand, Mouille shaped, turned and cut every aluminium foil until he got the form he wanted. He also created a system of brass swivels which enables the reflectors to rotate according to the lighting you want. This idea became cult thanks to its breast’s shape with its seductive nipple. The Black Shapes are fragile and sensual polished objects and they have become one of the legends of the 50’s design. Carefully made by the “Editions Serge Mouille” since 1999, they guarantee the respect of the master’s works. Because as it’s loved, it’s often copied.

Lustre Serge Mouille Deux Bras Appartement Samantha Hauvette Paris
Salon Appartement Architecte Décorateur Hannes Peer Milan
Serge Mouille Black Shapes
Salle à Manger Appartement Lora Appleton New York
Plafonnier Serge Mouille 6 bras Chambre Ingrid Seynhaeve créatrice marque June 7.2
Salon Amal Rakibi Lampadaire 3 bras Serge Mouille Guéridon Bishop India Mahdavi

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