Marble Is a Style that Never Goes out of Fashion

Marble Is a Style that Never Goes out of Fashion

Marble is a luxurious mineral that immediately reminds us of Italian charm. It evokes the quarries of Carrara and the sculptors of the Renaissance in search of marble with the finest and purest grain. We love its timeless elegance which gives a more intense value to our interiors, like a glimpse of eternity. Marble adds value to kitchens and living rooms. Marble tables, such as the iconic coffee table by Saarinen for Knoll at Marie Gas, dress a room all by themselves. The marble tray in Antonin and Elisa‘s kitchen, combined with a unique blue paint, gives a resolutely modern result that is particularly attractive. The choice of white marble as the main material in a bathroom provides a soothing spa-style feel, such as in Aliénor Béchu‘s home, where it brings more texture to the room than an all-white look. The unique lines of the veining in each piece of marble add value in terms of authenticity and quality. If you’re looking for a scheme that is even more remarkable, try black marble, like Fanny Millet or Adriano Russo, where it gives the room an elegant and refined atmosphere. Marble is such a source of inspiration in interior design that it has actually been made into a print, as can been seen in the marbled fabric collection designed by Mathias Kiss for Pierre Frey. If used sparingly in decoration, it combines perfectly with warmer materials, such as wood, brass and copper, which enhance the nobility of the marble whilst softening its cold, solid qualities, resulting in an original and delicate look.

Salle De Bain baignoire en marbre chez aliénor béchu
table d'appoint marbre blanc chambre marie gas
crédence en marbre noir Cuisine chez Adriano Russo
sol marbre noir salle de bain adriano russo
Table basse marbre bureau aurélie bidermann créatrice bijoux Paris
plan de travail marbre blanc cuisine antonin roy Appartement Paris

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