Isolamento or the promise of a return to the essentials. Far away, isolated from the rest of the world. A haven of untamed greenery, opening its doors for the summer to hedonists who know how to appreciate its air of a clifftop cottage with a dramatic view. Those in search of a secluded refuge, hidden from the crowd and protected by these mountain-fortresses. A rocky archipelago set in a sea of pine trees that mysteriously reveals its almost monastic setting. White stone tanned by the blazing sun provides a refreshing backdrop for a decor devoted to simplicity. Some pieces of furniture from our new summer collection featuring sensual materials that dialogue with the surrounding landscape, transformed into a painting. Barefoot, you walk from the bedroom with its fresh, no-frills bedding to the airy terrace where a welcoming table invites you to help yourself to fruit. You wander, warm and thoughtful, until you reach the pool, where the call of the siesta is always victorious. A gentle, languorous stroll, drowsy in the heat but oh so happy: summer is here at last.

Isolamento, The Socialite Family’s summer 2023 collection. Tasca pocket organiser, €65, Monastico bedspread, €165, Mano table lamp, €270, Renato headboard, €1390, Acqua beach towel, €75 available in shops and on our e-shop.

Isola #1
The Socialite Family Aldo 3 Seats Sofa in Green Velvet 4 590,00€ Know more
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The Socialite Family Chiesa Footstool Cream White Curly Wool 595,00€ Know more
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Isola #3
Isola #2

The best holidays are those away from the crowds.

Isola #5
Isola #4
Isola #7
Isola #6
Isola #8
The Socialite Family Monastico Bedspread with Brick Red Stripes 170,00€ Know more
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In summer, the ultimate luxury is to live as simply as possible, without worrying about anything.

Isola #10
Isola #9

Relax, stop time and observe the surrounding nature.

Isola #12
Isola #11

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