Glass Walls: Let the Light in

Glass Walls: Let the Light in

A glass wall is one of the simplest ways of bringing light into your home. Like in the gorgeous home of Marine Palayer, the half-glass wall creates harmony and fluidity whilst retaining a sense of intimacy. Whilst a full height French-window floods a space with natural light, providing contrast to modern furnishings It’s also worth taking texture into consideration. With its gentle, softening presence frosted glass brightens up any monochromatic interior, adding luminosity and mystery with a vintage accent. As Mary Erlingsen known, that’s the beauty of glass, it enhances and it entices. It separates yet visually connects different zones in an interior, creating a flow of continuous energy. The result is an open and inviting backdrop that echoes patterns and textures used throughout the space. It can be sensual, insulating, intensifying, but what it sure is that its neutrality and subtle elegance means it integrates perfectly into any decorative style. As a screen in a bedroom or bathroom – in the style of Anaïs Olmer – a mirador in the living room, or in a child’s room. The possibilities are endless.

Bring to life any living room with class: the Glass wall is the answer. To find out more get our Guide Déco!

Salon Salle à manger Verrière Thierry Arnaudin Appartement
Salon Verrière Marine Palayer Lyon
Salle à manger Paravent verrière Anne-Sophie Pailleret Paris
Salon avec verrière Julie Héron Bruxelles
Chambre Verrière paravent Mary Erlingsen Neuilly
Cuisine semi-fermée Verrière Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Salle de Bains Verte et verrière Appartement Créatrice Chez Bogato Anaïs Olmer
Cuisine semi ouverte Verrière Canapé marron et vue sur la cuisine verte Marine Palayer Lyon


Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

Extract from The Socialite Family’s book Le Guide Déco

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