Display your Kitchen Collections with Creativity

Display your Kitchen Collections with Creativity

We cannot talk about the kitchen without mentioning kitchen collections. Whether it’s tableware, crockery or linen, mixing and matching is all the rage. With a touch of personal style here and there, it’s one of the simplest ways to make daily life more beautiful. Tableware, especially vintage sets, has become one of the most fashionable modes of kitchen decoration. So don’t stack them precariously in a cupboard, your intricate antique China teacups and 70’s enamelled metal teapots need to be seen! And according to Clarisse Prudent, tea and coffee taste better in a vintage teacup too. Not only that, it’s also a way of creating a refined, ecclectic atmosphere, adorning a table with stories and history. Plates, trays and even chopping boards do just this! All that matters is their ability to be mixed and matched. Like every self-respecting cook, we know how important it is not to skimp on quantity. Long, small, round or rectangular: they all have their uses and intricacies. Like in Annabel Guéret‘s apartment, stack them in a row on a worktop or a table tp create angles and borders.  The days when we hid everything in our cupboards are over. Take us back to the 50’s where table linen, glass jars, copper pans and wicker baskets were in full view. And where colours and materials were to be played with. Our kitchen collections tell stories of paths that we’ve traced through flea markets and boutique throughout life. So get them out and take delight in them!

Collection Verres Colorés Cristina Celestino Exposés Déco Appartement Cristina Celestino Milan
Cuisine rose Maillot Design Panier en maille Appartement Duplex Paris Nayla Voillemot et Romain
Collection planche à découper Cuisine Pots Caroline Gomez
Cuisine Planches à découper en bois Maison Nantes Annabel Guéret
Vaisselle Collections Cuisine Annabel Guéret Maison Nantes
Assiette Vaisselle collection Art de la table Salle à manger Appartement Paris Veronica Fanfani
Cuisine Mélanges Collections Carlo Zanuso Maison Italie
Vaisselle Plats Accumulation Cuisine Maison Italie Carlo Zanuso
Ustensiles Cuisine Accumulation Appartement Fanny Millet et David Paris
Cuisine Exposition Ustensiles en Bois Appartement Pierre Le Ny Emilie Urbansky Paris
Cuisine en inox Théière Tom Dixon doré Appartement Barbara Ghidoni Architecte Milan
Cuisine Collection Kitscheries Pommes années 50 Elisa Gallois Blog Et dieu créa

Photography : Constance Gennari – Text : Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

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