5 Kid-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

5 Kid-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Repeated lockdowns have played havoc with our habits and lifestyles, and the likelihood of being unexpectedly placed under house arrest again means our interiors are uppermost in our minds. As the first to be affected by this highly unusual situation our toddlers need now, more than ever before, to use their imagination to create places to play in our living spaces. This article is based on 5 ideas that some of our The Socialite Family parents have put into practice to help them reinvent their homes safely with kids in mind. Seen in Aroussia Chamakh and Henrik Jessen’s home, the carpet becomes a proper playground, and that calls for softness.  This decorative counterpart of the playmat provides comfort and warmth too. For your little cherubs, it is shock-absorbent and prevents falls. And is preferably made in natural materials to prevent allergies! When it comes to furniture, apart from being an item that will give a touch of vintage class to your room, the bench is a low seat that is easy-to-use and accessible for your children. Made in wood, caned or built-in, as part of your wall, it reminds us of benches at school or in the playground. The Roseanna brand’s founder shows us a perfect example of its use in her kitchen.  As the bench illustrates, low seating is precisely what is needed in a kid-friendly interior. And curvaceous velvet sofas and seating, such as the Rotondo range can also be invaluable here Soft and welcoming, these generously curved seats offer the perfect spot for your children to take a nap as they do in designer Alexandre Reignier‘s home, and afterwards, they can try out a few acrobatics without hurting themselves! Seen in Stéphanie Zwicky’s home, these low storage units. These are equally practical for your little ones as they allow them to organise their play space all by themselves. So there you have it: beautiful decoration and family life can be completely compatible. You just have to take everyone into consideration so that everyone can live together comfortably.

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The Socialite Family Black and metal Panchina Bench 550,00€

Bench Panchina is made from natural cane, beech wood and metal chrome. Made in Italy. Size : 120 x 40 x  h45 cm.

In the entrance, at the foot of your bed and in your living room: it will be perfect everywhere! The Panchina Bench is the blend of wood, cane work and handcraft rattan weaving. Made in Italy by passionate professionals who care about details, our bench suits your home with elegance. It will soon become part of a scenography and used as a storage unit or a friendly seat. All these attractive features have already won our hearts!

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5 Kid-Friendly Interior Design Ideas Tandis que Nadine Richter s'affaire, c'est l'heure de la sieste pour certaine Tripp Trapp Sonia Sieff Appartement Paris Un petit havre de paix plutôt confortable, chez Nadine Richter
5 Kid-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

You just have to take everyone into consideration so that everyone can live together comfortably.

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Moment de complicité entre les 3 aînés de Nadine Richter Une marelle colorée apparaît sur sol d'un couloir, chez Nadine Richter Salon Maison Cristina Balducci Belgique Le salon cosy de Nadine Richter

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