Open-plan or Closed Kitchen?

Open-plan or Closed Kitchen?

Rallying point of a family, the kitchen – whether open-plan or closed – is the most friendly room in the house. We like gathering there, for breakfast and in the evening, around the table for long talks. It’s an intimate place, where you can welcome your friends. Actually, eveything always happens in the kitchen during parties. Nothing can be done: we are used to feel good in confined spaces! In terms of decoration, the aim of this room is to be as friendly as a meal and functional. The layout of the drawers, oven and electric hotplates is carefully designed to facilitate a more efficient storage. Especially when it’s an extension of the living room. Having an open-plan kitchen means you need to choose fine materials to decorate it and to dare to be original. Even if you don’t have a significant budget, designing a pleasant and harmonious place is within easy reach. Some of them, such as Anne-Claire Ruel and Anaïs Olmer, plays with the tiles of the backboards and on smart storage units in order not to confuse people, while Anna Cor does not hesitate to let a neo-hut in this serious apartment. However, some others prefer – understandably – keep their kitchen separate from the rest of the apartment or house. It’s the case for Carole Marchal and Pierre-Emmanuel Risch. In order to avoid the “bowl” effect and favour aesthetics while preserving an enveloping effect, we bet on glass windows, just like the couple. Easy way to open the rooms without having a home become an American loft, we choose one with a cross piece and put it one metre above the ground – or even on it – to create a beautiful harmony and a French window effect between the living room and the kitchen. An closed kitchen doesn’t mean a kitchen without style. It’s quite the opposite. So, what do you prefer: open-plan or closed kitchen?To help you choose your side, get inspiration. It’s the aim of our Pinterest page. You’ll find all the families’ kitchens of The Socialite Family. Everything you need to make a choice!

Open-plan or Closed Kitchen?
Cuisine ouverte Carreaux à pois Appartement Créatrice Chez Bogato Anaïs Olmer
Cuisine ouverte verte Maison Sanne Hop Amsterdam
Cuisine fermée Tripp Trapp Appartement Fanny Millet et David Paris
Cuisine semi-fermée Verrière Paris Pierre Emmaniel Risch et Carole Marchal
Cuisine semi ouverte Verrière Canapé marron et vue sur la cuisine verte Marine Palayer Lyon

I decided to open the kitchen into the living room and paint it fully white so the colour in the kitchen would really pop. It is a joyful colour that really makes the difference.

Cuisine verte fermée Marine Palayer Château Lyon
Open-plan or Closed Kitchen?
Cuisine semi-ouverte Carlo Zanuso
Cuisine ouverte Salle à manger Sonia Lucano Maison Montreuil

En inspiration...

Chloé Makintosh -

An Stainless Steel Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. A room where we tend to spend more and more time. Its layout is essential! For the materials, nothing is better than stainless steel. First, it has a strong visual identity, and then,...

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