Decorate your Home with Flowers

Decorate your Home with Flowers

When we asked Inès Longevial, a young painter in Paris, what was the essential decoration element for her, the answer was clear. Sharp, precise. “Flowers”. More and more people feel the same way. Decorating homes with flowers is now seen as a need. A compulsory step to breathe. In the city, flower shops flourish. Brought up to date, they are very present in fashion and in decoration. The concepts around floral art shoot up. Ikebanart, Peonies, L’Épicerie végétale, Marion Audier and Potafiori: your favourite articles on The Socialite Family prove it. Nature is everywhere, we could not imagine a room without it. So the ways of decorating our homes with flowers increase. We hang them up, thanks to macramé and elevated pots whose glass transparency reveals a sort a comtemporary ikebana. We pile up, in containers as diverse as the natures of our plants. We exhibit, thanks to wall herbariums and indoor window boxes whose material we like choosing. We offers a range of flowers, in the different rooms of the house, as Marianne Fersing does it. But, more than anything else, we arrange. Cleverly. Decorating homes is far from being an exact science. You should avoid the boring plants, too plain to stand a first-degree monochrome decoration. In this case, we choose the bright colour of a bouquet of wild flowers and its punk branches we admire, even dried. The flourishing density of a jungle with strong 70s connotations. Philodendron, Monstera Deliciosa and Ficus: these species – which we had forgotten for a time – have never been so popular! So, just like our grandfathers, we let them take our ceiling lights and our whole apartment over. Neck and neck with the cactuses, they get together more than they isolate themselves. For your viewing pleasure.

Plante Giacomo Balla Salon La Villa Rose Paris
Déco console branches fleuries fleurs de cerisier Marine Palayer Lyon
Fleurs roses Caroline Gomez Intérieur Bordeaux
Salle de bain Parfum diptyque Mise en scène accessoires Appartement Paris David Chaplain et Alexandre Roussard
Comptoir Fleurs séchées Potafiori Boutique Fleurs Restaurant Milan
Cuisine Évier Fleur Nicolas Lefebvre Paris
Coin canapé Plante d'intérieur Caroline Gomez Bordeaux
Salon Fleurir intérieur Caroline Gomez Bordeaux
Branche de plante verte Intérieur cheminée Sanne Hop

The apartment is almost solely decorated in neutral colours. Although I like colour, I can get tired of it fairly quickly. As an example, I use flowers to add colour !

Evier marbre Fleurs Mimosa Jaune Savons Aesop Robinetterie Appartement Marianne Fersing
Bureau Vintage Bois Miroirs Anciens Plantes Appartement Boutique Marion Audier
Fleurs Boutique Fleuriste Meuble Bois Vintage Marion Audier
Banc surface marbre Plante Grasse Magazines d'art Appartement Stéphanie Lizée
Salon Plantes vertes Jungle intérieure Adriano Russo Milan
Decorate your Home with Flowers
Plantes vertes Jungle intérieure Nicolas Ouchenir Hugo Matha Paris
Plantes vertes Escaliers Extérieur Maison Espagne Laia Aguilar
Plantes grasses Fleurir intérieur Chaise en bois Pot Caroline Gomez Paris

Photography : Constance Gennari – Text : Caroline Balvay @thesocialitefamily

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