Surrounding Tourself with Cement Tiles

Surrounding Tourself with Cement Tiles

In the past, cement tiles were confined to the entrances to buildings. But now, they’ve crossed the threshold and are embellishing our interiors. Their strength? A plethora of patterns, colours and styles. Cement tiles add character to a room, making it unique and attractive, particularly bathrooms! If you want to create a total contrast with the rest of an apartment, don’t be miserly when it comes to a total look, that, as in Emmanuel Bossuet‘s or Anne-Sophie Pailleret‘s homes, will take you on a journey to Marrakech and its Marjorelle Garden. We won’t hold it against you, quite the contrary! Treat yourself to the cement tiles that most suit your personal style. Those that you’ll spend plenty of time with, in summer or in winter. A texture, a colour, an embossed design – can change your mood. Use them like wallpaper! A section of wall, the focal point of a fireplace, a frieze-style kitchen splashback – the possibilities are endless. At The Socialite Family, if we had one piece of advice, it would be this: choose a traditional design with Hispanic or graphic inspirations and lay the cement tiles on the floor to add a masterly effect to your room. When it comes to the walls, go for an understated look and a softer, yellowy ochre colour. The combination will result in a greater feeling of space, particularly in small rooms, as in Charlotte Vauvillier‘s home.

Jardin hiver Carreaux ciment Lisa Julien Ménard Villa Atlantida
cuisine Laure Vial du Chatenet Carreaux Ciment
salles de bains carreaux ciment Laure Vial du Chatenet
Salle de Bain Carreaux ciment Emmanuel Bossuet Marie Laure Bellanger
Entrée Carreaux ciment Peinture Bleue Maison Le Vésinet Marine Garnier
salle de bain anne sophie pailleret ciment
Surrounding Tourself with Cement Tiles
Cuisine Carreaux ciment Béatrice Laval Le Monde Sauvage
Cuisine Salle à manger Carreaux ciment Chaises tressées Anne Millet
Salle de bain carreaux ciment Popham design Alice Ricard
Salle de bain Carreaux ciment Miriam Gassman

Credits: Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

Extract from The Socialite Family book Le Guide Déco

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