The 2023 Back-To-School Collection <br>Signed by The Socialite Family

The 2023 Back-To-School Collection
Signed by The Socialite Family

There are places whose smell, colour and light you remember. The setting The Socialite Family is using to welcome the start of the 2023 school year is a vibrant example of this. Frank, assertive, and convivial, this appartamento di famiglia playfully blends genres and eras, the better to make its mark with its iconoclastic allure. Think light carpeting with a 70s feel on the floor, pale blue walls and 17th-century mouldings: the architecture of the spaces gradually fades into the background to make way for the furniture. The centrepiece of the living room, the Rotondo sofa, is all about a tailored finish and is bolder than ever. Clad in blue and wine stripes, it sits alongside the brick-coloured lacquered wood coffee table. In this return to the city, bringing fresh, contrasting tones, we can feel the light of an Indian summer lingering in this aristocratic residence that has been handed down from generation to generation. Time seems to stand still here. Barefoot on the carpet, we listen to the music of a certain Jane B. over and over again. We dance from one room to the next, immersed in the Italian atmosphere created by artist Lucia Sellier’s pictures. Between the Villa Malaparte in Capri and Cap Corse, we’re allowing ourselves to get away from it all just a little longer for a light-hearted back-to-school experience… Di doo dah…

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Appartamento #1
The Socialite Family Rotondo Modular Sofa with Blue and Burgundy Striped Fabric 5 250,00€ Know more
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Appartamento #2
Appartamento #3
The Socialite Family Marta Table Lamp Green and Jute 340,00€ Know more
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Appartamento #4
The Socialite Family Paparazzi Brick Red Coffee Table 2 390,00€ Know more
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Appartamento #5
The Socialite Family Amadeo Ash Wood with Iroko Finish Kitchen Table 990,00€ Know more
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Appartement #6 bis
Appartamento #6
Appartamento #7
The Socialite Family Lucia Sellier Terra di Sienna Artwork Small Model 2 940,00€ Know more
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Appartamento #8
The Socialite Family Ciccio Cushion Green Corduroy 85,00€ Know more
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Appartamento #9

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