Make your Apartment an Art Gallery

Make your Apartment an Art Gallery

FIAC, Art Elysees, PAD fairs: the number of art fairs increase and elate our curiosity. We are caught dreaming about works of art and visiting galleries. It is easy to get lost and, in three days, it is impossible to go everywhere without an ounce of regret. We are lacking of time. What if Hors-les-murs transformed and applied to our homes, On Site? Let’s understand it in our interior, 365 days a year, as Romain Torri does it. It is the perfect opportunity to make our close relations discover our exclusive selection of talents or even our own creations! Let’s get inspired by professionals. At Empreintes, Elizabeth Leriche made the scenography like a route turning on several themes, and with colour at the heart of her thought in order to make the visitors feel a lot of sensations. Upstairs, the photographs are privileged, since they are the supports for a strong intimate and educational relation in order to transpose the “studio” atmosphere. So have fun and create gathering and conversation places at the heart of your space. Either it is with yourself – you have the right to! – or in good company. Art doesn’t always have to be understood. First of all, it must raise questions, as it is often the case in the kreo Gallery. There, the pieces are isolated and can be tested as much as you want. It is unthinkable to let them out of our reach! Children must be able to touch them and to listen to the story they have to tell. Nicolas Lefebvre got it and raises her daughter Anahi in the middle of a field of primary sculptures he made and then piled up. Exit the cold exhibitions: more than ever, the works of art need us to breathe life into them. They need us to make their heirloom and the artists’ know-hows last. Becoming a gallerist is the pleasure of an aesthete who loves sharing and hates conventions. Assuming your tastes and running the risk of having interesting debates and talks will undoubtedly offer new prospects. Highlighted, the art in all its forms – from master dishes to inherited sculpture – reveals its amazing power: enhance both the place and the person who revealed it. Let’s discover with The Socialite Family how the contemporary families do it.

Bougies Collection 34 Diptyque
Tableau Chaise de chevet oeuvre d'art chambre Margherita Ratti
Salon Julien Labrousse Ettore Sottsass
Make your Apartment an Art Gallery
Make your Apartment an Art Gallery
Accumulation Oeuvres d'Art Tableaux Peintures Galerie Zeuxis
Peinture Oeuvre Art Galerie Romain Torri
Miroir Détail Appartement Lora Appleton New York
Exposition Galerie Oeuvres d'Art Théodore Fivel

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