Laure Vial Du Chatenet and Bertrand,<br> Marie, Blanche, César
Famille - Paris

The Cabinet of Curiosities Meets the Soft Elegance of a Town House.



Laure Vial Du Chatenet and Bertrand,
Marie, Blanche, César

Laure and her husband Bertrand met in the environment of auctions. Because they were both passionate about old objects and engravings, the idea of creating Maison Caumont in 2006 came very naturally. Their brand is unique, quirky and inspired from the world of the cabinet of curiosities, and this is why it has fast been requested to bring its peculiar touch to different places of life and work. Their house is full of quirky creations with fabrics, wallpapers, and decorative accessories of all kinds; and this is just perfect for the place. Its classical greats spaces, loaded with the triptych flooring-chimney-moulding, needed it. So priority to the second degree that we can see in full transparency thanks to the numerous glassware. It is a rich heritage, also achieved through the panelling and which is freshened up by the graphical tiling and an industrial detail. There is no doubt: the little family has masses of imagination.

salon lampe laura vial du chatenet
cuisine Laure Vial du Chatenet Carreaux Ciment
atelier maison caumont Laure Vial du Chatenet
Art salon Laure Vial du Chatenet
salon verrière canapé Laure Vial du Chatenet

Laure, in which room do you spend the most time?



Without hesitation, I say the living room! Closely followed by the kitchen.

Where do you go when you are looking for a piece of furniture?


I often go to the flea market.

What would be the element missing in your house?


It would be photographs taken by my brother, François du Chatenet, who is a photographer. More specifically, it would be pictures of my children and his ethnic portraits.

What is the cheap piece of decoration you are the proudest of?


I’d say my praying-mantis lamp. I don’t know if it was first expensive, but a priori, that was a great deal!

Who is your favourite designer?


There are a lot of them. I don’t think I have a “favourite” one in particular. It is more that I like some people such as Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Nicolas Adnet and Greta Magnusson Grossman. They are really famous, so I am not being original; but I like their work, as many other people do

What is your current crush?


It is the Standard chair, by Jean Prouvé. I want it in every colour!

cuisine Laure Vial du Chatenet carrelage macbook pro
entrée salon Laure Vial du Chatenet
tapis chambre enfant Laure Vial du Chatenet
chambre gris Laure Vial du Chatenet
cheminée mouton accumulation Laure Vial du Chatenet
salle de bains noire carrelage Laure Vial du Chatenet
bureau eams chaise maison caumont Laure Vial du Chatenet

What are the pieces of art, of furniture, and books that you dream of having someday?



I would like to have the last book by Peter Lindbergh, a black-and-white canvas from Robert Combas and the portrait of a young woman created by Foujita.

Is it easy to combine family life and nice decoration?


Yes, it is, because I don’t have very young children anymore. My children are growing up, and we all live pleasantly in our little world. I like when the house is in order, but I’m reasonable: there is no inappropriate fussiness crisis.

How did you choose the names of your children?



We chose Marie, because it is the simplest and most beautiful name. We chose Blanche because for me, it is the continuity of Marie, and then we chose César because Bertrand wanted to name him Paul. So I needed a name strong enough to make him change his mind!

What is your next holiday destination?            



New York.

What is your favourite motto?


Every year we have a different motto. We are real fans of mottos in the family! For example, in 2013, it was: “you need to be two to dance the tango”, meaning that you need to be two people to make things go well or badly! I printed this motto on the LoVe paper of my collection. You should only take it in the second or even the third degree! We also have “If you want to change things, you have to act to change them”. This one is maybe more pragmatic than the first one!

What is the restaurant you would recommend, in Paris or elsewhere?



Oh, it is exactly like with the designers: there a lot of them! I would say the Luisa Maria, rue Monsieur le Prince, in the 6th arrondissement in Paris. It is always nice, good and pretty. There is also Sardegna a Tavola, which is a Sardinian restaurant located rue de Cotte in the 12th arrondissement.

chambre enfant garçon star wars Laure Vial du Chatenet
armoire chambre d'enfant Laure Vial du Chatenet
cheminée valises accumulation Laure Vial du Chatenet
chambre d'enfant Laure Vial du Chatenet
commode chambre d'enfant Laure Vial du Chatenet
chambres blanc coussins vintage Laure Vial du Chatenet
salles de bains carreaux ciment Laure Vial du Chatenet
salon entrée parquet Laure Vial du Chatenet
chambre d'enfant jouets vintage Laure Vial du Chatenet
papier peint maison caumont Laure Vial du Chatenet
escalier blanc bois Laure Vial du Chatenet
portes bois ancien vintage Laure Vial du Chatenet

Credits : Constance Gennari @thesocialitefamily

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