Chouquettes – Episode 4: Delphine Delafon
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Chouquettes – Episode 4: Delphine Delafon

Weeks fly, Chouquettes is progressing. Already the 4th episode! We went in Delphine Delafon’s apartment, on Paris left bank. The designer welcomes us with her son. A charming duo of great friends. Camille listens everything. So does Chouquettes. Delphine has so many anecdotes to tell! Why was almost her whole furniture bargain-hunted? What will the theme of her next collection and her future collaborations be? The mike is on. The shooting can start. In her Parisian apartment – with its high ceilings and Versailles floor -, Delphine tells us about her immoderate love for skins. For which she is renowned and with which she now creates a complete silhouette, thanks to ready-to-wear. A comeback to her first loves, which comes alive sketch after sketch on the wide solid wood table, central unit in a room where they share, welcome and live.

See you on next Sunday for the new episode of Chouquettes! Until then, the first three episodes are already waiting for you on our website – Episode 1: Carrie Solomon / Episode 2: Stéphanie Lizée / Episode 3: Amélie Colombet.


Deco inspiration...

Delphine Delafon and Camille 6 years old

Delphine Delafon and Camille 6 years old

It has been already 3 years. Time has flown since our last meeting with Delphine Delafon! The fashion designer and her son moved from a house to an apartment, a sort of den with adjoining rooms. The house share with family and friends is over. More...

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