Chouquettes – Episode 3: Amélie Colombet
Famille - Paris



Chouquettes – Episode 3: Amélie Colombet

You were waiting for it, and so were we. After Carrie and Stéphanie, Chouquettes visited Amélie! Let’s go to Neuilly. It’s a bourgeois building full of marble. We could start going up. Chouquettes flew away from the hall and climbed the floors. There we were. We knocked and very quickly – well, the time to eat some chocolate cake – immersed ourselves in this apartment, which is not that big but well-designed. Dark tones reflect, light flies. Auguste, Amélie’s son, was there. That afternoon, it was an amusement park. He was very excited and we could feel it. Burn with enthusiasm, he took Chouquettes to visit his hut. Or rather his bed. Unless it’s both? Amélie and John had wanted this from the beginning. And it’s a success! Without a second thought, discover in detail – and in its entirety – a home which looks like its owners: lively and cheerful.

Next sunday let’s discover the new episode of our video serie Chouquettes ! In the meantime, we invite you to watch the first two videos that are already online !  – Episode 1: Carrie Solomon / Episode 2: Stéphanie Lizée.

Deco inspiration...

Amélie Colombet and John, <br> Auguste 4 and a half years old

Amélie Colombet and John,
Auguste 4 and a half years old

When you arrive at Amélie’s house, all the sounds mingle together. Jack, the family’s Brittany spaniel, hops up and down at the sight of the chocolate and chestnut fondant which our host places on the living room table for the day . The...

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Like a Country Cottage in the Heart of Paris.

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