Chouquettes – Episode 21: Hôtel Habituel
Family - Paris

Guided Tour in the Company of Yoan Marciano.



Chouquettes – Episode 21: Hôtel Habituel

Hôtel Habituel is the younger brother of Hôtel du Temps and has already become part of the brightly-lit landscape around the Gare du Nord. A building with a light façade, facing the impressive edifice that sees more than 700,000 travellers pass through its doors every day. Travel is exactly the common thread that Yoan Marciano wanted to exploit in his new establishment. It’s only logical when you’re neighbour to the biggest travel hub in Europe. On its walls are more than 200 Polaroids – picked up by Laura Léonard, partner with Alix Thomsen on this project – which reveal the funny, but always stylish, story of a Belgian family. Snaps of the family’s wanderings, through a delicious seventies filter, that accompany us on our own journey, from the cocktail bar to suite 603. In this suite, as in the 25 other rooms, details evoking the countries visited come one after the other. Africa, the English countryside: from wooden panelling to the floral headboards, our minds wander and finally encounter our own memories. Hungry for detail, Chouquettes took its own trip to visit this successful hotelier.

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Inspiration déco...

Yoan Marciano and Jennifer, <br> Mila 3 years old, Léonard 10 months

Yoan Marciano and Jennifer,
Mila 3 years old, Léonard 10 months

He is one of the few to have understood that Parisian hotels needed to change and transform. With his Parisians hotels, Hôtel du Temps and Hôtel Habituel, Yoan offers an intimate, cosy and beautiful location, moving away from the conventional modus...

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