Chouquettes – Episode 2: Stéphanie Lizée
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Chouquettes – Episode 2: Stéphanie Lizée

After Carrie Solomon, let’s keep making the most of the endless treasures of the Xth arrondissement of Paris. The talented Stéphanie Lizée lives there as well. The interior designer was the first to welcome us to try Chouquettes and she did not hesitate to make us go around the apartment 10 times. We took our marks, tried, pressed some buttons. There it was, mikes were plugged. The filming of Chouquettes could start! Sincere smiles, watery eyes: gestures were assured but shot through with a certain excitment. But then Stéphanie let go. After a long moment in the living room, we went to Pablo’s bedroom, which you had loved. With our choubuns in the bag, we examined the nuances of green, before going back to the main room, a sort of bright place where Stéphanie and Franck often host. At that very moment, she told us she inherited a very particular treasure. The sort of treasures you pass on. We just had time to admire its fineness and the filming was already (almost) over. Last detour to the bathroom. Our host rewarded us with a great smile there. Sincere and solar, just like her. Enjoy the visit!

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