Chouquettes – Episode 1: Carrie Solomon
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Chouquettes – Episode 1: Carrie Solomon

Light, fresh and spontaneous videos: it’s our desire with Chouquettes, the great comeback of The Socialite Family’s videos! The concept? Nothing easier. An on-board camera, some relevant questions. Bang, a lot of answers. Smiles and anecdotes fly. We get some tea, bring back a memory, share a recipe, a habit and even a chou bun! Your homes have always been our playgrounds. So, this time, we wanted to invite you. To welcome you to our visits and discoveries. To our daily work actually! With Chouquettes, you can know more about your favourite families. The ones who make The Socialite Family. You’ll see, they have something to tell you. Convinced?So, what if we started? For the first episode, let’s go to the Xth arrondissement of Paris. Carrie Solomon – when she is not writing recipe cards for ELLE or working in a kitchen – is resolutely waiting for you. So, Chouquettes, are you game?

See you soon on The Socialite Family to discover a new episode of our series Chouquettes!

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Carrie Solomon, a Chef in Paris

Carrie Solomon, a Chef in Paris

Paying visit to Carrie is like flying away from the doldrums of Faubourg Saint-Denis for a moment. A changing cosmopolitan neighbourhood, both noisy and vibrant. The food photographer, chef and author of best-sellers is aware about these attributes....

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