Nami and Quentin Isackson
Famille - Paris

In the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a loft apartment opens onto a Japanese garden



Nami and Quentin Isackson

There are hidden treasures in Paris. Jealously guarded green oases that you would never suspect! And it is to one of these secret places that The Socialite Family invites you today. To the home of the radiant Nami Isackson and her husband, Quentin. An energetic personality wearing many hats – model, producer, press officer – whose aura and infectious enthusiasm dazzle instantly when you enter her loft apartment. She and her partner describe their unusual wood-clad three-storey home as “a country house in the heart of the city”. Here, the couple take time out to admire the nature surrounding them through a bay window that opens wide onto a Japanese-inspired garden. After “being confined to a 35 m2 apartment with no direct sunlight”, these long-dreamed-of spaces give the thirty-year-old plenty of room to indulge her many passions. A lover of fashion as well as interior design, she furnishes and decorates her cocoon to offer a warm welcome to her loved ones. Especially around the table, where she instinctively mixes family heirlooms – like the Christofle silverware she inherited from her godfather – with found objects and floral arrangements. And this enterprising young woman now puts her sensitivity to the art of good living to good use for others on her 1920s tables. Her latest project is all about entertaining and highlights her undeniable talents as a host!

Salle à manger avec table en bois chez Nami Isackson à Paris
Bibliothèque blanche avec catalogues chez Nami Isackson à Paris
Nami Isackson chez elle à Paris
Nami and Quentin, can you introduce yourselves?
Nami & Quentin

We’re Nami and Quentin Isackson. We’ve been together for 5 years and got married 2 years ago. It was love at first sight, and it happened just a stone’s throw from where we currently live. We have two different personalities and come from two different worlds that click and create a balance in our relationship.

  • Can you tell us about your backgrounds?

I studied fashion which led me to work for press agencies and as a press attaché for a fashion house. I then changed direction and became a photoshoot producer and assistant casting director for catwalk shows. 2 years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a big campaign for the Etam brand. A project that led to me being scouted as a model. Today I juggle various projects. Being a person interested in numerous subjects, I recently became involved in hospitality with a restaurateur friend. We founded the 1920 concept restaurant, which offers intimate dinners.


I graduated in photography from Gobelins and then worked as a photographic assistant in Paris, followed by the US, where my dad is from. After several studio projects in New York, I wanted to try my hand at different trades, including maintenance department roles, which led me to my studies at an international school in Atlanta. When I returned to France, I received various fashion photo production offers, which I accepted. They allowed me to combine my two interests, maintenance services and photography.

  • As a multidisciplinary person, it means I can think outside the box and explore new professions. How would you describe your characters?
I’m a person who likes to bring people together and make sure there is a good atmosphere around me. My friends and family have always described me as a sunny and determined person.
I’m sociable and a bit of a joker. I like to help the people around me.
Nami and Quentin Isackson
Nami #4
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Nami #5
Nami and Quentin Isackson Console en bois jaune chez Nami Isackson à Paris
  • Tell us about your notion of “beauty”.

I have always been fascinated by fashion and interior decoration because they are two complementary ways of expressing my personality, my desires, my emotions… The women in my life – my mother and my godmother – instilled a sensitivity to beauty throughout my childhood. My godmother – who was a costume designer – often took me backstage. I remember being amazed by the costumes, the way she combined the outfits and the theatrical sets.


My parents – who were both artistic – educated me to see beauty where you don’t necessarily expect to see it. Contemplation fascinated me from an early age, and photography – which I started when I was 15 – allowed me to express a certain beauty.

  • Designer, artists: which creators inspire you daily?

Like many designers who inspire me daily, my primary sources of inspiration are my environment and people… If I had to choose from all of them, I would say Charlotte Perriand for her freedom of style. Le Corbusier for his modern architecture and Jean Prouvé for his timelessness. If we’re talking about fashion, I’ll start with Alessandro Michèle who perfectly reflects the exuberance and freedom of the 70s. Alexandre Mattiussi for his magnificent representation of the Parisian style. Miuccia Prada for the modernity of the cuts.


I’m more interested in music and the visual arts, especially the careers and works by artists like Tom Waits, MC Escher, Doisneau or Miyazaki, who all inspire me.

  • You are sensitive to the world of fashion and also to the art of living. What gives you pleasure when entertaining friends and family?

For us, sitting around a table is the best place to meet and enjoy the company of our loved ones. It’s the place where we release our everyday stress, all thanks to a good meal. For special occasions, we love taking out our Christofle silverware, given to us by my godfather, a real family treasure. We also have our beautiful set of red plates, which we bought from Lux Perpetua, a shop not far from our home. As for our table linen, I particularly like our blue linen tablecloth from La Trésorerie and the embroidered white napkins from Quentin’s grandmother. I love laying pretty tables and decorate them according to the seasons or the dinner’s theme. The art of hosting is a mantra for me, a kind of meditation before moving onto lively conversations with guests or family…

Meuble en bois laqué chez Nami Isackson à Paris

The art of hosting is a mantra for me, a kind of meditation before moving onto lively conversations with guests or family…

Décoration chez Nami Isackson à Paris
Cadre photo chez Nami Isackson à Paris
Catalogue chez Nami Isackson à Paris
Radio chez Nami Isackson à Paris
  • You live in a Japanese-inspired loft. Tell us about how you found it. What are the positive aspects that made you want to move here?

After spending lockdown in a 35m2 apartment without direct sunlight, we needed a change of scene. We found this loft by coincidence, and I immediately saw its potential.  We love the atypical side and the feeling that you’re not in Paris. Even our Parisian friends tell us that they feel like they’re on holiday when they visit us. It’s our country home but in the heart of the city…

  • How did you furnish it?

Our loft comprises 3 levels, so we wanted to differentiate the different spaces. Our first wish was to have a large table to enjoy meals with our friends and family. We found a magnificent teak table with a Scandinavian design on Selency; it was made in France in the 60s. To give a theatrical feel to our meals, I really wanted to have an arched light that only lights up the table.The owner of the “Lux Perpetua” store, which is right next door, knew about this and contacted me to tell me that she’d found the ideal floor lamp, a Harvey Guzzini from the 70s with a marble base. We immediately jumped at the chance. There’s also furniture that we got from Quentin’s grandmother, such as this small wooden console where we keep all our beautiful glassware. Other pieces were found by friends, spotted on the Le Bon Coin or even found in the street.

Catalogue chez Nami Isackson à Paris
Chambre à coucher chez Nami Isackson à Paris

We found this loft by coincidence, and I immediately saw its potential. We love the atypical side and the feeling that you’re not in Paris.

Chambre à coucher chez Nami Isackson à Paris
Cuisine en bois chez Nami Isackson à Paris Cuisine en bois chez Nami Isackson à Paris Cuisine en bois chez Nami Isackson à Paris
  • What’s your favourite room?

We love all the rooms in this loft, but the best feature is this large bay window with its beautiful natural view. We often sit in front of it to watch the birds come and go from one corner of the garden to the other.

  • What does this loft say about you?

I’d say it’s an apartment that reflects us: friendly, atypical and warm.

  • Are there any places you recommend in the 11th arrondissement of Paris?

Lux Perpetua for its furniture, and Landline, if you are looking for lovely crockery and table linen. Saison for its flowers and plants. Chambelland, a gluten-free bakery and pastry shop. Terroir d’avenir and Les Saisonniers for fruit and veg. And finally, Paisano, a small Italian deli.

  • Where will we find you in the coming months?

For my part, maybe seated at a 1920 table…


A concert somewhere, who knows?

  • For you, The Socialite Family is?

An excellent medium that allows you to discover different universes and inspiring personalities.

Légumes dans la cuisine de Nami Isackson à Paris
Nami Isackson dans son loft à Paris
Bonsaï dans le jardin japonais de Nami Isackson à Paris

We love all the rooms in this loft, but the best feature is this large bay window with its beautiful natural view.

Nami and Quentin Isackson
Le jardin japonais de Nami Isackson à Paris Le jardin japonais de Nami Isackson à Paris

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