Antonin and Elisa, Léontine 11 months
Famille - Paris

Update and Refresh a Family Apartment.



Antonin and Elisa, Léontine 11 months

This is the story of a young man who, in order to continue the family connection, decided to give his grandmother’s apartment a makeover. An apartment that had seen the birth of an entire generation and that Antonin wanted to dust off. Thanks to the assistance of his architect friend, Samantha Hauvette, the metamorphosis brought with it a breath of fresh air. Being a fan of interior design, Antonin and his wife, Elisa mixed the family furniture with more contemporary pieces, with a special place for the fabulous Ploum sofa in its XXL version and the Lianes lights from the brothers Bouroullec. A very big commitment for this young couple who amaze us with their maturity and audacity !

Salle à manger Lampe Suspension Bouroullec Cheminée Fauteuil XVIII Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Salon Canapé Ploum Bouroullec Togo Ducaroy Ligne Roset Vassily Marcel Breuer Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Ligne Roset The Bouroullec Brothers Ploum Sofa 3 900,00€

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Ligne Roset. 4 seats. Dimensions : H85 x l250 x P125 cm.

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Jasper Maison Togo Sofa by Michel Ducaroy On demand

Togo sofa designed by Michel Ducaroy for Ligne Roset.

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Wo & wé Wo & Wé Wall Light On demand

Wall light with articulated arm swivel by WO&WÉ. Black steel patina.

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Cassina LC1 Armchair 2 340,00€

Designed by Le Corbusier, 1929. Chromed steel and leather.

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Table Basse Massimo Castagna Verre Laiton Salon Appartement Paris Antonin Roy Détails Bateaux Origami Tableaux Art Peinture Appartement Paris Antonin Roy Suspension AIM Bouroullec Design Salon Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Portrait Antonin Roy et Léontine Fille Salon Appartement Paris
Canapé Togo Michel Ducaroy Salon Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Canapé Ploum Table Basse Massimo Castagna en verre Salon Appartement Paris Antonin Roy

Antonin, could you introduce yourself?


I’m a photographer of still life and pretty girls… It’s something that was inherited from father to son.

What is your typical day at home?


I do everything to not have one. But ideally if I can start by reading a book in a bath.

How did you find this apartment and on what basis did you make your choice?


Rather, it was the apartment that found us. My grandmother was born in the living room, and spent all her life here. So since I was little, all family celebrations were held here. It’s up to us to continue the tradition.

In terms of style and decoration at home, how did you split the roles?


Once we had taken on the apartment you can imagine it had to have a slight refreshment. As I have lived with a roommate in a part of this very apartment before, with my best friend Samantha Hauvette who is an architect, we naturally worked on it together, and with Elisa, to redo everything. There was no real roles. Although sometimes I needed restraint because I like to mix everything, but in general we all three have the same tastes.

Escaliers Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Cuisine Bleue Carreaux ciment Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Photographie Cadre Doré Style XVIII Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
plan de travail marbre blanc cuisine antonin roy Appartement Paris
Couloir Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Cuisine Bols Mouchetés Merci Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Cuisine Crédence Marbre Peinture Bleue Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Photographies Tirage Polaroïd Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Table Basse Massimo Castagna Cendrier Hermés Appartement Paris Antonin Roy

How do you manage family life and having a nice decor?


I’m not sure I have even asked myself this question… But since Léo began to walk we had to stash away items. So I am automatically persuading myself that I like objects with character, memory and history. When she vomits on the couch for example, I tell myself it’s adding sentimental value.

What furniture styles do you like? Do you have any eras in particular? An artist you cherish?


So, I adore the interiors of the 1960’s and 1970’s but the space we have isn’t exactly typical of those eras, especially because we did choose to keep the fireplaces and ceiling height. I like to be around things of those eras. After, I don’t know enough about the history of deco to cherish an artist but the little that I do know, I like the Bouroullec brothers.

Where do you like to get your antique furniture? And for you daughter’s bedroom?


Sometimes I use the internet, sites such as Leboncoin, Selency but I’m not so much of a fan. The other day I received a rug and it was not at all what I expected. So I prefer a walk at the Saint-Ouen, flea markets and car boot sales in the country. For the best places, you must ask Sam as I never remember the names she gives me!

Any bargains or cheap parts of your home of which you are proud of?


My Togo sofa that I have had for 10 years. I went with a friend to a large sort of large storage/ deposit sale out in the suburbs. I saw the Togo sofa and immediately adopted it. The piece was mine without them knowing what it was and long after I realised how much of a beautiful piece it was. It’s followed me to all my apartments ever since.

A definition of error in taste for you is what?


Not to take risks.

A restaurant recommendation?


In Paris, I like to try new restaurants so not too many habits. A regular spot close to my house is Chez Thaï restaurant in Neuilly. I used to go to as a child because it was the restaurant of my father’s friend and then the friend took it over and it’s one of my absolute favourites. Just down from my house, Le Bistro d’Oscar, always provides a surprise from the chef!


Your favorite piece?


My 11 months daughter… And in terms of decor, a Michael Jordan signed t-shirt that my friends gave to me for my 30th birthday!

Salon Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Fauteuil Velours Chambre Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Baignoire Salle de bain Marbre Art Appartement Paris Antonin Roy
Soins Bains Baignoire Salle de bains Appartement Paris Antonin Roy Salle de bain Marbre Appartement Paris Antonin Roy Détails Loisirs Jouets Livres Appartement Paris Antonin Roy Chambre à coucher Appartement Paris Antonin Roy

I adore the interiors of the 1960’s and 1970’s but the space we have isn’t exactly typical of those eras, especially because we did choose to keep the fireplaces and ceiling height.

Chambre d'enfant Colorée Moquette Jaune Bébé Léontine Fille Antonin Roy Elisa Appartement Paris
Chambre Enfant Papier Peint Fille Léontine Antonin Roy Elisa Appartement Paris
Escaliers Vue Verre Fenêtres Appartement Paris Antonin Roy

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