Anne-Sophie Pailleret and Louis 10, Auguste 8, Victoire 5 years old
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Anne-Sophie Pailleret and Louis 10, Auguste 8, Victoire 5 years old

Anne-Sophie made her passion her profession and her apartment is the operation of a lifetime. That is where she decided to give energy to her original loves ; Jean-Michel Franck and Madeleine Castaing. Such influences made into reality through an assortment of audacious colours and her rich choices of Art Deco spirit. An elegant and felted medley to which her children Louis, Auguste and Victoria became accustomed. They even participated individually to it by selecting the atmosphere of their bedroom. It was a small premium granted by their mother who habitually surprises the family through her deviations and discoveries. Pieces recovered by journeys or owed to copious quests, they make up a delicate and comfortable composition where the old and the new go perfectly together. Whether it is by the accumulation of drawings on the wall or in the golden detail of a coffee table, Anne-Sophie does not leave anything to chance.

salon anne sophie paillette banquette bois matelas bleu
salon anne sophie paillette céramique bougeoir table marbre

I work ahead of time on the colours, fabrics, materials and the overall atmosphere before entering with furniture and decorative details.

bureau anne sophie paillette bureau bois fauteuil zerbre
salon anne sophie pailleret mur couleur bleu canard art salon anne sophie paillette coussins bleu salon anne sophie pailleret detail tapie chaises salon - anne sophie pailleret - céramique salon anne sophie pailleret accumulation coussins
salon anne sophie pailleret tapis berbère pied table

Anne-Sophie, could you present yourself?


My name is Anne-Sophie Pailleret and I have been an interior designer for ten years now.

How do you define your style in terms of decoration?


Warm and refined, in a structured but living environment. I also like to bring real care to decorative details and objects with research in rare materials. In summary, a happy and comfortable place inspired by the eras of 20’s to 80’s with a mix of parts all married together with custom designed pieces.

What is your favourite colour?


I don’t have one in particular, so long as all is harmonious and chic.

Can you tell us how you conceive a place before you get started on the decor?


I work ahead of time on the colours, fabrics, materials and the overall atmosphere before entering with furniture and decorative details. These, can be found by chance or on research trips. They can surprisingly orientate the rest of the design and then the planning helps setting the rest of the room. In general I start by focusing on the details and then I can expand the horizon for other possibilities along the way.

At your home, did your husband participate in choosing the decor?


No, we conducted the process as though it was a client. The only difference was that the result was a complete surprise !

What was the hardest room to decorate?


The boys big  bedroom because all three windows are on the same side ans my initial plans involved the possibility of shifting them to divide the room, which ultimately wasn’t possible.

Did the children have a say in the process?


Yes, I showed them mood boards of different atmospheres and colours to pick from for each of their rooms.

salon anne sophie pailleret coin lecture miroir
chambre anne sophie pailleret pastel
chambre anne sophie pailleret appliques murales chambre anne sophie pailleret detail lit rotin chambre victoire anne sophie pailleret miroirs salle de bain anne sophie pailleret
chambre anne sophie pailleret lit double

What is missing in your home?


A terrace.

Do you have a bargain or treasured piece that you’re especially proud of?


A Vallauris vase with unlikely surfaces. It’s making me think of a relic from the past that was found at the bottom of the ocean.

Your definition of bad taste?


Creating without allowing for surprise or mixing, for me they make the soul of an interior.

How did you choose the names of your children?


We chose Louis because it’s short and simply beautiful, Auguste because I imagined him to be a little clown which actually came true and Victoire because we thought we were having a third boy so we had great happiness when she finally arrived.

Your next job will be in what style?


Parisian, refined, a rich choice of materials and uncommon furniture.

Where do you find your furniture?


Auctions, galleries, flea markets – in France and overseas – or custom made from a specific design if I cannot find what I’m looking for.

Your favourite designer?


Too hard to name only one ! I would say : Jean-Michel Franck, Jean Royere, Madeleine Castaing, Henri Samuel and so on… The list is never ending!

A restaurant you can recommend to us in Paris or elsewhere?


The Chelsea Market, Meatpacking District in New York. You can eat a whole lobster standing in a row next to the fishmonger with a little glass of white wine.

A beautiful destination for vacation with the family?


Italy or Corsica.

Your favourite motto or quote?


” Find Something You like and Do it Good Forever”. I’m not sure who said it but it makes a lot of sense for me. It is important because it defined my choice in doing the job I’m doing.

Credits : Constance Gennari

salle de bain anne sophie pailleret douche
Salon contrasté chez Anne-Sophie Pailleret
salon anne sophie pailleret ensemble cadres
bureau anne sophie pailleret banquette
bureau anne sophie pailleret moodboard
bureau anne sophie pailleret pause travail

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